Leftism is Dying, oh Thank God!

It seems that daily we, as God fearing, middle class, traditional couples, who just want to live our lives how we choose, and raise our children with the values and moral compass we feel is best for them, are verbally assaulted by the Leftists. Who, having nothing else to fight for, now fight for feelings. Making anything that might “hurt someone’s feelings,” tantamount to hate speech, racism, bigotry, homophobic, or transphobic (even though they don’t know what that even means.)

Today’s political battles are no longer about policy, foreign affairs, military power, or for/against “gay rights.” Today’s political battlefield is almost entirely about culture and the battle between the Leftist views of Authoritative Government, between the Right’s views of Libertarian Government. Basically the battle between those who think the Big Government, PC Police, Nanny State who runs your life is the answer, and those who want a Small Government, liberty defending, who leaves you alone is the answer.

The Leftist claims to be for tolerance and inclusion. However, they fail to mention that their views only apply to those who agree with and further their political agenda. Anyone, even those in their own groups, who go against the agenda or speak out against any facet of their PC culture, you’re immediately public enemy number one to the Leftist establishment. You’re instantly shamed and demeaned as a racist, bigot, homophobe and therefore your voice and opinions are not worthy of public consumption.

This tactic has worked for going on 30 years and that’s part of the problem for Leftists. After 30 years these college kids yelling “This is Hate Speech!” or “This man is Racist!” just aren’t working anymore. In the world of true debate and the intellectual exchange of ideas, you have to come with facts, reason, and logic. The Universities of this country have been hijacked by 3rd Wave Feminist who teach so called, Gender Studies, telling women that men are rapist and oppressors, and teaching them that the victim culture which promotes feelings over logic is the way to virtue.

In recent years terms like “micro-aggression” “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” have done nothing but prop up the ridiculous notions that feelings trump logic, and feeling offended is more important than hearing a viewpoint that challenges your own perceptions of the world around you. A micro-aggression is defined by Dictionary.com as: a subtle but offensive comment or action directed at a minority or other nondominant group that is often unintentional or unconsciously reinforces a stereotype. The logical fallacy here being that words are in and of themselves not aggressive or violent. They are just words, and they only have power if the person who hears them gives them power. The real problem lies in the term itself. They are not called micro-offenses, they instead use micro-aggression meaning that somehow you have been aggressed upon. Without any evidence of fact, and the rules of aggression are; when someone is aggressive to you, you are justified in being aggressive back. Thus giving people a perceived moral justification for being physically aggressive and event violent towards someone simply for words they said. My favorite quote on the subject comes from Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) when he says “Facts don’t care about your feelings.”

Along with the micro-aggressions are trigger warnings and safe spaces. Trigger warnings can actually be more damaging than the idea of micro-aggressions. A Trigger Warning is when before you read a book, see a movie, or hear a speaker or professor speak, they must give warnings to the topics they will talk about to prepare you for the words you’re about to hear. The problem comes that when people are presented with things being told that they should be afraid of them over and over again, they start to internalize them and develop a real fear of these words. Thus turning the words in to micro-aggressions which justifies physical violence against anyone who said something you don’t like.

To protect students from these trigger words and micro-aggressions, students began demanding, and sadly, the Universities began providing the students with, so called Safe Spaces. Where they serve ice cream, play relaxing soft “new age” music, and have movies of puppies and kittens frolicking playing on the TVs to help shield the student from any idea that might question or challenge their own version of what is true in the world.

This is a slap in the face to what the University is supposed to be doing. Instead of a challenging environment where open mindedness, and the free exchange of idea prospers. There is a new world full of self-defined victims, who try to stifle all debate or free speech by protesting, and screaming claims of hate speech, racist, bigot, or homophobe in attempts to shut up those whom they disagree with.

Now that I’ve painted a bleak picture to any free thinking individual, let me get on with the good news of the story. The Leftist agenda and tactics outlined above are dying. At universities all over the country, the right are beginning to take their schools and their free speech back. Inviting guests like Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos, Christina Hoff Sommers, Dave Rubin, and others to speak honestly, and openly to those students willing to hear a new point of view. These engagements are nearly all protested, Leftist students even protest Christina Hoff Sommers, a lifelong Liberal and 2nd Wave Feminist. And that is why the Leftist movement is dying, they are cannibalizing their own movement. Ostracizing the best and brightest of their group in favor of reinforcing their own feelings based, victimhood completely devoid of critical thinking and open debate.

Now when the protestors disrupt and try to shut down a speaker they don’t like with their yelling, air horns, or covering themselves in red paint while chanting “Black Lives Matter” the crowd turns on them yelling back with chants of their own. At nearly every Milo speech on a college campus the crowd begins chanting “Trump!” much louder and with stronger numbers than these simple minded Leftists. All across the country eyes are opening, and minds are seeking to learn and hear about ideas from all sides of the issues to draw their own conclusions. It has become quite apparent that one idea has become universally accepted by the emerging “Anti-Authoritative” culture based groups, and that idea is that the days of kowtowing to unfounded charges of being a bigot or racist are over, and instead they are fighting back, exposing these bullies for the closed minded idiots they truly are.


-The Middle ‘Merican

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