One Man’s Awakening

So in order to tell the story of my awakening, I have to go back a few years and tell the story of how I got to a place where I could be woken up. I’m a Network Engineer, but before changing my major to IT/IS (Information Technology/Information Security), I was a Political Science major, and I grew up in a politically active family, having many political and social debates and discussions with the elders in my family. I learned the value of debate, how to respect those with different opinions from my own, and a firm belief that every voice needs to be heard. Not only to ensure the good ideas are heard, but also to expose the horrible ideas and the people who push them for the evil they truly are.

So after growing up involved and informed about government, the US Constitution, and politics in general, I should probably tell the story of what made me so jaded and disinterested that I walked away from it all for over 4 years. It started back in the fall of 2008 when the country, fueled by the fake promise of hope and change, elected the US’ first black president. Which on its face is an amazing thing to see. Truly amazing times when a nation with a history like ours can elect a black man as the leader of the free world. Even though it was mostly fueled by slanderous character assaults there were completely untrue, but the overwhelming reason was two-fold. First, middle class white guilt. The Liberals and Leftists in the US spent the previous 25+ years making white people of today feel guilty for the perceived white privilege that blames today’s white culture for all the woes of them “po black folk.” Second there were millions of young people who wanted to be part of something cool, new, and progressive. To prove to the world that we are hip and trendy.

Neither of those reasons worked on me for a few reasons, in 2008 I was 28, so I wasn’t really all that “youthful” anymore, second I was already a father of 3, and at that time had already served in the US Army for 5 years. But the most important reasons I didn’t buy into the lies and guilt of the 2008 election are because; I know how to think critically for myself, and I have no white guilt. My family immigrated to the US well after the Civil War, my family is from Scotland, a land with a much longer history of oppression and servitude thanks to hundreds of years of English Kings and Nobles forcing control on the Scottish people. So, even knowing that McCain couldn’t win the election, I voted for him anyways, placing principal above trying to be “on the winning team.” Thus began my quick decent into total jaded, uncaring, and disinterest in the whole political system.

Then the Democratic controlled House and Senate used their super majority to cram “ObamaCare” down America’s throat. Politicians like Pelosi literally saying “We have to pass the bill, then we can all find out what’s in it.” To Obama standing at a “Town Hall” event full of Obama supporters only said “you’ll get to keep your doctor.” Only furthered my withdraw from the system. The daily onslaught of the Left infringing or all out denying Americans their rights, given by God, and protected by the US Constitution. Then add the weight of a Leftist ran media, jumping on every shooting demanding that law abiding citizens give up their guns and our God given right to defend ourselves, our family, and our property. While completely ignoring the radical religious beliefs and/or the mental disorders, mental disorder medication, and general evil inherent in some people. Unfortunately you can’t legislate human behavior. Those who seek to do harm to others will find a way. The final nail in my political coffin was the 2012 election. The Country was no better, and in many ways was much worse, than it was when Obama took office in Jan 2009, yet the people reelected a leader who clearly couldn’t lead. So I pulled out of the system. I completely checked out, no news, no social media, no newspapers, no voting, I even stopped voicing my political views to my friends and family. I was completely removed from the world of “current events.” Looking back through the last 40 years, the US has the exact same issues being talked about, there’s always a Muslim nation that hates us, taxes are always too high, or not high enough for the rich, the common man is always held down by the 1%, and it’s just the same daily conveyor belt of talking heads on the news networks telling us what they think is right, who they think will do or win what, and generally getting it wrong. The news constantly spun stories, or outright lied to the public in order to push the Leftist Authoritarian agenda of the nanny state down the throats of the American people. All of which added up to my decision to completely unplug from the system. I deleted my Facebook, Twitter, withdrew my political affiliation, stopped watching all news (except local storm coverage because I live in Tornado Alley), and began a lifestyle of intentionally not paying any attention to what was/is going on in the world. I was so successful in this endeavor that it was 4 months after the attack in Paris before I heard about it, and a full 3 months before Ferguson MO was known by me. I heard about the Mizzou much quicker because of the football teams’ actions and statements on the issue.

We are now at over 4yrs and 3 months since I checked out, and I must say it’s been the happiest and most productive time of my adult life. In that span my career has gone from being a college graduate to being the Sr Technical resource within my company. I have bought my first home, which sites on 6 acres and now run a small family farm with chickens, ducks, horses, cows, dogs, a cat, and a donkey. I’m the happiest, most successful, and by far most productive I’ve ever been.

My awakening came about, not from the “mainstream media” but from YouTube. The Internet has leveled the playing field and given those with viewpoints that don’t fit the media’s Leftist Agenda a place to be heard and shared. I was clicking my way through various weapons related videos, and saw a video where Piers Morgan was “owned” by Ben Shapiro. It was an older video, created before my disconnect so I figured no harm in watching since it wasn’t about anything current. I loved the way Ben was able to not only completely disarm the leftist tactics of, as Ben put it, “standing on the graves of victims to push an agenda,” but he intellectually and respectfully argued his side of the debate while Piers looked as though he was searching for anything that could corner Ben with a “gotcha” statement. Each attempt was deftly put down, and Ben was able to turn the tables completely and push Piers into the corner. This lead to me watching some of his more recent speeches he gave at various colleges beginning with the Mizzou speech shortly after the leftist thought police uprising there on campus. What truly grabbed my attention and woke me up to the new paradigm that has begun to build in our Universities, but also in the “grown up” world of everyday discourse and debate was how people like Ben, Milo, and even lifelong Democrats like Christina Hoff Sommers, and Dave Rubin were taking a stand about the bully tactics of the Leftists, and fighting back. In particular to Ben’s video at Mizzou, my attention was truly peaked with one statement that I have been saying for years’ “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” Being an intellectual who values logic, reasons, and truth above all in any debate or argument, this was music to my ears. It awoken a part of me that lay dormant for over 4 years. I realized that the landscape was changing, and the very tactics and bullying of the leftists, who only care about diversity of skin color were finally being fought head on, and a switch went off in my head. As the great comedian Ralphie May says in one of his shows “I am not politically correct, and I wear that with pride. I’m bombastic, I’m ostentatious, and I can give a fat baby’s dick if you don’t like me.” That’s how I always have, and likely always will feel.

So here I am, wide awake and ready to join the fight. Ready to pick back up my intellectual sword and razor sharp wit, bringing my in your face, not giving a shit if I offend you or hurt your feeling personality to the forefront and help Ben, Milo, Dave, Christina, Dana Loesch, Steven Crowder, and many many others take this fight right into the face of the Leftist exposing them as the evil, tyrannical, totalitarian, authoritative, and basically anti-EVERYTHING that this amazing country was built upon immoral assholes that they are.

I urge anyone reading this essay who believes that freedom of speech, open debate, the free exchange of ideas, and the right of all Americans to defend themselves not only from criminals but from the threat of tyranny. If you believe, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said that we should all be judged by our character and not by the color of our skin, I challenge you to pick up your verbal sword and join the fight. To push back with our collective voice against the Leftist agenda that’s trying to make us all economic slaves to a government system so far from the experiment laid out in the US Constitution. I challenge you to wake up and join the fight. This new frontier based on founding principles, Constitutional governance, Liberty, and Freedom to be left alone to live your life how you see fit.


-The Middle ‘Merican

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