Hillary: Too big to be jailed

Just days after Hillary was reported by the NY Times to be looking at keeping A.G. Lynch in her administration, the same A.G. that was investigating Hillary for indictment before recusing herself after the story broke of her secret meeting in her plane at an airport in Phoenix with former President Bill Clinton. But yea, nothing to see here, just move along.

In an amazing display of corruption, the FBI Director James Comey, held a press conference today where he laid out all the infractions and outright illegal actions then ended the presser saying that “no reasonable Prosecutor would bring a case against Clinton.” Essentially saying that, yes Hillary absolutely broke the law, and anyone else would expect to be arrested and charged in federal court, but not when it’s Hillary Clinton. All of this while Hillary was flying in Air Force One with President Obama to campaign in Charlotte NC, at tax payers expense of course. Hillary is a woman who’s only verified achievement is having sex with President Bill Clinton the one time that created Chelsea. Beyond that you can’t find a single achievement, political or personal, that you can solely credit to Hillary. She won election as a senator based on her husbands popularity in the state of NY.She was gifted being the Secretary of State by President Obama to get her to back Barack Obama for President in 2008. The Clinton Foundation took in hundreds of millions of dollars while Hillary was Sec of State. A large amount of this money came from Saudi millionaires which makes it easy to make the case that she was trading favors from the US Tax Payers to foreign countries for money into her foundation, which will surely be funneled to the Clinton’s personal accounts.

Any one else would be in handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit by now, but the outlook is not all bleak and doom. The outrage throughout Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the social media world was instant and merciless. This opens a huge window for the Trump Train to run right over Hillary on something for which there is no defense. Even Trump never got off on potential illegal activities, and his Trump University is currently in a court battle, something that can’t be said for the admitted illegal actions of Hillary. The Mutually Assured Destruction notion that Donald and Hillary are equally bad or corrupt no longer exists. In the eyes of Americans she’s vastly more corrupt after today’s press conference. Trump can simply show the timeline of the last two weeks and demolish Clinton’s nearly non-existent credibility with the American public. Hopefully he has some intelligent and creative people in his camp so he can jump on this opportunity while it’s hot, and fresh, and attack her where she is weakest, and where it will resonate with the American people the most.

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