The Senate is once again Useless

The Constitution took another slap in the face as earlier today the Senate voted down two bills 53-44-3 each that could have helped save American lives from the violent criminal aliens in our country. The first is known as “Kate’s Law” which would have instituted much harsher sentences for any one who has been deported and returns illegally to the US. The second, the “Sanctuary Cities” bill would have stopped federal funding of any city that makes it illegal for the local law enforcement to enforce federal illegal immigration laws.

So what does that mean? Simply put it means everything stays the same. Illegals can continue to harm our fellow citizens, get deported, and then come back to hurt more Americans. It also means that these same illegals can keep hiding in cities across the nation that refuse to allow their officers to enforce the immigration bills currently on the books.

While the public is distracted with Hillary’s email scandal and the fallout there of, which rightly deserves attention, yet another attempt by our Federal Government to actually do something the Constitution states IS the job of the Federal Government fell by the wayside to the Leftists remaining in office who want open boarders without regard for the lives of the very citizens who’s inalienable rights they were elected to protect.

Bills like this will continue to fail as long as Leftists continue to be re-elected into office. Only fighting the leftists head on, and beating them in their home states can we achieve enough votes in the Senate to pass legislation that might actually prevent violence against Americans by foreign nationals inside our own borders.

The fight continues.


-The Mid `Merican

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