The 3 ring circus continues

Just days after the, not so shocking, FBI Director held an “impromptu” press conference (While Obama was warming up the engines on AF1 with Hillary on board) where he laid out all the many many violations of law that Hillary Clinton clearly committed while she was Secretary of State, and ended with saying that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring this case,” before hurrying off stage, taking no questions from the media, he finds himself on Capital Hill answering questions. The same law makers who are grilling the FBI Director are also loudly calling for Hillary Clinton’s Security Clearance to be revoked, which calls to question, how can she run for President, if she can’t be party to security briefings and be trusted with classified information?

With the track record of people “mysteriously” turning up dead who have gotten in the way of the Clinton family, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that Comey was merely saving his own butt, and that his statement “no reasonable prosecutor would bring this case,” may very well have been his way of saying “No DA would bring this case because it’s a suicide mission.” The same week all of this is going on, the recently extradited hacker who allegedly hacked the private server Clinton used, was found dead in his cell of an apparent suicide. Coincidence, or a message sent? A message that was received by the FBI Director loud and clear.

Today the FBI Director Comey is dealing out blow after blow that Trump can and darn well should use against her in every ad he runs from now till the election. The biggest being “I don’t know that she is sophisticated enough to know what ‘(C)’ means on a document.” I would have ads running nationwide on every network every evening during prime time television. While not inditing Hillary for her many violations of federal law, Comey is, in effect, making the case as to why Hillary is not fit to be President of the United States of America. So perhaps in some small way we should be thanking Comey today. Because while she may not face a judge in Federal Court, she WILL face the Court of public opinion from now till the election.

When the Government fails to act in the interest of The People, The People must act upon the Government in their own interests. Even to the ends of replacing the Government with a new system that serves The People.


-The Mid `Merican



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