The end of the #BLM Movement

Last night during, what by all accounts, was a peaceful protect march against the recent police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota, shots rang out in downtown  Dallas killing 5 officers, and injuring at least 10 more. There were at least two shooters involved who specifically targeted the police officers that were protecting the protesters as they marched through downtown Dallas. Police have taken into custody two black males who were wearing ballistic vests and carrying handguns and rifles. In the initial chaos of the situation photos were being circulated throughout the news agencies, and all across social media of a black man who was walking in the protest carrying a semi-automatic rifle on his side. The police initially labeled him as a person of interest, but it was soon learned he was a law abiding citizen exercising his 2A right to openly carry a firearm in Texas. Video quickly surfaced of the same ran running away from the chaos even as police moved in to secure the situation. It was finally reported that the man was not involved in the shooting and he was cleared by the media, no doubt protecting him from the fallout of a very dangerous situation.

Supporters of #BLM immediately took to social media saying that #BLM was not part of this attack but as most of us know, perception is reality in this country. Sadly the same logic some elements of #BLM and the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) at large use to condemn and silence those they disagree with will now be turned on them, and silence #BLM. The concept that falls under white privilege that states “well you’re white, so even though I have no evidence of racism, you must still be a racist because you’re white.” A concept that has become the battle cry of all SJW’s, that concept will be turned around, whether right or wrong, and used to silence the #BLM movement. The narrative will go something like “Well black people at a #BLM protest killed those cops, so all #BLM must want to kill cops.”

Its impossible to ignore that high profile elements in and around the #BLM movement that, through their rush to judgment, added fuel to the fire which turned last nights protest into  a shooting gallery for people who felt they were “fighting for the cause.” People like Jessie Jackson, the money hungry, attention seeking, race baiter who went on national TV just hours after the shootings calling them racially motivated, or President Obama who gave a press conference earlier in the day Thursday stating that the entire justice system is racist. Ignoring the irony of the fact that President Obama, and the last two Attorney Generals (who run the Justice Department) are all three black.

The President’s anointed #BLM movement has been hijacked by racists black men and women who want to capture the opportunities to kill white people in what they wrongly perceive to be a race war. The problem is, the real war that need to be fought is entirely within the black community. The culture of single parent homes, inter-generational welfare, no respect for human life, entitlement, and violence that permeates black culture is to blame, not this perceived systemic racism. This culture and mindset where everyone is a victim is turning this country inside out. I just hope and pray that when #BLM collapses, and it will, that it doesn’t take the country down with it.

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