Time for Al Sharpton to retire

With the recent police shootings of two black men, both still under investigation, and in the wake of 5 dead police officers in a city not involved in any of the aforementioned police involved shootings, Al Sharpton wasted no time running to the biggest group of media cameras to cry racism, and race bait inciting more violence across the nation. According to the New York Daily News, the bobble headed racist, Al, called Rudy Giuliani “Clueless” on the police-community relations. Rudy being the one Mayor to actually make the city of New York safer. Not by enacting anti-Constitutional gun control, but my enacting a policy known as “stop and frisk.” which undeniably saved thousands of lives in the city.

In the same New York Daily News article, Al said, “Blacks don’t make excuses about their communities…” and he’s right, they don’t. Instead they just completely ignore or omit the fact that crime is more prevalent in black communities than in white communities. They ignore that almost as many Black people have been murdered in Chicago since 2001 as have died in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq combined (The wars death toll is ahead by roughly 900.) The black community, and its “leaders” like Al Sharpton also ignore the fact that the single motherhood rate in the black community is 70%. There is a systemic problem in America’s black communities, and the problem is the culture allowed to perpetuate the ideas that black men don’t need to care about their kids, that black on black crime doesn’t constitute a problem, and that other blacks who speak the truth about the culture are “self hating, racist, and Uncle Toms.” All of this is not only completely ignored by Al Sharpton, and others like him, but it actually makes the problems worse.

Black community leaders should be preaching from the mountain tops about the value of a all lives, including black lives. Especially since blacks are disproportionately  killed by fellow blacks.  They should be preaching to the young black men and youth in this nation teaching them the moral lessons against impregnating a woman and then leaving her to raise the baby alone. Far too many children are growing up in black communities without a father in the home. Young boys with no strong male role model to learn from and emulate the virtues of manhood from. So many young girls with no father to praise them, treat them like a princess, and teach them that they hold value as a young woman. To teach them that a woman deserves respect, and love. So that when they grow into a young woman they know the difference between a decent young man who values her as a woman, and a thuggish selfish man-child only interested in getting laid and moving on to the next easily fooled young lady.

Do the black community leaders do that? No, they stand on the, still unfilled graves, of those very few blacks killed by law enforcement, before the investigation even begins, and the funeral is scheduled to scream racism, and bigotry in America’s Justice System. Ignoring the glaring and obvious fact that for the last 8 years the President has been a black man, and over that time the last two Attorney Generals have been black as well. Well news flash Sharpton, the Justice System is ran by the Attorney General, and the Attorney General works directly for the President of the United States.

So that leaves one remaining point on the issue. Why don’t black community leaders preach and lead their communities out of the poverty, despair, and violence that infects the inner cities of America like a disease? Because there’s no money to be made by lifting people up. The money lies in not only keeping people down, but telling them everyone else is to blame for their lot in life. The asking for donations to “fight the power” of course.

So Al, haven’t you made enough millions off the backs of the very people you say you’re trying to help, but do nothing for? Haven’t you stood atop the graves of enough dead black men and women to further your own political agenda? Its time to retire Al, you’ve hurt your people enough. The black community needs a few more Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s and at least one less Al Sharpton.


-The Mid `Merican

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