Gay Conservative Milo Yiannopoulos Banned By Twitter #FreeMilo

Tonight, just after the kickoff of a “Gays for Trump” rally being attended by Milo, Twitter permanently banned the outspoken, gay conservative, and immediately released a statement claiming Milo is responsible for his 300k+ followers on twitter going after Leslie Jones after Milo released his review of new new Leftist Cinematic Abortion Ghostbusters and she took to twitter to complain about the review.

Shortly after a short exchange by the two, Milo’s ( @Nero ) followers began trolling and flooding the “actor/comedian” with their opinions of her movie, and her “career.” I myself was part of the trolling, being friends with several comedians across the nation it’s no secret that Leslie Jones is a “hack” at best in comedic circles. How sad is it that a woman proclaiming to be a comedian, a job that requires you to “live on the edge” of what is socially acceptable, then called to the powers that be at Twitter in an attempt to make the insults stop while she cowered in a safe space cuddling stuffed animals and watching bunnies frolic on TV. A woman that makes her living using her right to free speech ran crying when someone else used their’s against her craptastic movie.

Predictably the Leftist weaklings that run Twitter took action. Banning Milo while allowing thousands of users with documented death threats against other twitter users, Black Lives Matter members openly calling for the continued murder of innocent police officers, and ISIS using Twitter to boast, claim, and advertise for more recruits to kill Americans and other nations of infidels as they attempt to kill western society.

The Twitterverse immediately erupted with outrage towards Twitter and @Jack for their clear and obviously hypocrisy banning a man who may be offensive, but has never called for anyone to be hurt, or killed, and has never rejoiced in the death of anyone. The hashtag #FreeMilo immediately rose up the trending charts as Milo’s 300k+ followers, and those who just support free speech tweeted and retweeted calls to reinstate the banned and beloved Milo.

The battle quickly turned into a war, what started as irritation to tweets being removed, or pictures marked as “sensitive” escalated into a banning which caused an all out war on those running Twitter. The hope is they will see the value and necessity for a truly open and free Internet. Where any idea, no matter how horrible can be voiced for the world to see, consider, and judge on its own merits, and not filtered by the “big brothers” of the Internet. All views and opinions have a right to be heard, and for many people the Internet is the last great hope for that freedom we all strive for.

Twitter and @Jack need to realize that the cost for free speech is allowing those you disagree with to scream from the highest mountain top something that you would spend a lifetime screaming against. How quickly the ruling majority can become the minority, and the very same oppression they pressed upon others can be pressed upon them.  The majority always seems to forget the cycles of life that all but guarantee that todays leaders will be tomorrows followers. Someday soon, it may be the SJW’s and their enablers like Twitter and @Jack who will be shutup and banned without justifiable cause.


-The Mid `Merican

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