How Trump Wins in Nov

With the RNC convention winding down, and the DNC convention on the horizon, Trump now has to shift from primary/convention mode into full on general election campaign mode, and fast. With only 109 days until the election, time is short, and the fight will be hard. There obviously are people who will vote for Trump, or vote for Hillary no matter what they are hard core and steadfast against one party or candidate and nothing will budge them off that stance. Forget about those people, their mind is made up and sealed in concrete. The general election isn’t for those people. It’s for the 15-25% of the voting public that don’t really pay attention to anything until August. So you really get about 3 months of the people you need to reach paying attention to what you say, and what you do. This is where you have to look the most confident and presidential. So here’s my critiques of Trump so far, the things I think he needs to change between now and the election, and my feelings on Hillary.

In the interest of full disclosure, at the time of this writing I haven’t even decided that I’m GOING to vote, let alone who I’d be voting for. My political awakening is still quite new, and I’m still shielded from much of the day-to-day politics going on. I don’t watch the 24hr news channels at all, honestly, they all suck eggs, they are all biased one way or the other, but claim they’re the objective news network. Just irritates me to no end, so I stay away from them as much as possible. Which leaves me in nearly the same position a large portion of American’s find themselves. For many they are in the middle looking at two extremely flawed candidates trying to figure out which one might actually fix something.

For me I’m a #NeverHillary man. While I fully expect this country to have it’s first female president within my lifetime, I can’t see myself ever voting for Hillary. I’m a veteran, and patriot. And knowing that she left Americans to die when she could have tried saving them is something I just can’t accept from anyone wanting to be a leader. Had she sent the cavalry and those 4 men still died, there’d be no controversy, it would have been a tragic event, and she would have done her job and did all she could to try and save them, but she didn’t. Instead, she went to bed, then lied to the families and the American people about the root cause of the attack on the embassy. I don’t know how any American, just knowing those facts alone, could still ever consider making her the President. That being said there’s still a pile of reasons to not vote for Hillary.

So unlike many still in the middle, the “Undecided voter” segment, I’m not really having to decide which candidate I should vote for, instead I’m left looking for reasons to give Donald Trump my Vote, and also for reasons NOT to give Donald Trump my vote. Part of me, the #NeverHillary part says believe that not voting for Trump means an extra vote for Hillary in the tally differential. The other part, my principled part, doesn’t want to vote for someone if I don’t truly believe they are the right person for the job. I don’t buy into the notion of picking the lesser of two evils. I want my voice and my vote to actually mean something, because it does say something about me. That being said, I fully understand and can relate to anyone who will set their principles aside election day and vote for Trump not believing he’s the best, but simply because they can’t stomach the possibility of Hillary willing. So below are my reasons FOR voting for Trump (he’s not Hillary doesn’t count here.)

  1. Although some businesses have failed, Trump has been extremely successful in his business ventures, and as a manager running the Government like a business instead of a “Government” for a few years seems like a good idea to me. Lord knows that running the Government like a “Government” hasn’t worked yet.
  2. Trump is not part of the political establishment. He’s never held a public office, and like his son said at the RNC, “he’s usually signing the front of a check, not the back of one.
  3. He truly believes in America first, before any other nation. I’ve never understood how we as a nation can spend trillions of dollars, that we borrowed, to help other countries, while there is so much need for help, and improvement here at home.
  4. Another reason to vote for Trump is his strong, unwavering support for securing our borders. Regardless if you think “The Wall” will truly be built or not, decreasing the incentives for those to illegally migrate to our country, bringing criminals and un-American values to our great nation. The flood on unvetted, uninvestigated people into our country leaves our economy, our cities, and our citizens to live with an unacceptable level of danger, and abuse. Trump has vowed to stop this.
  5. Trump wants halt all immigration from nations known to be compromised by Islamic Terrorism. This is a huge issue in Europe, and the catalyst for the #Brexit vote, where the UK voted to take back their sovereignty from the failing EU.
  6. Maybe one of the biggest reasons to vote for Trump is that he truly doesn’t need the job or the money. I was taught at a young age that usually the best man for a job, is the one that doesn’t want/need the job.

Now that I have listed out my reasons for voting for Trump, I’d like to lay out some constructive criticism for Mr. Trump. There aren’t many, but they are worth noting and will not only help to unify the Republican Party, but also help attract those voters who are undecided, those swing voters that decide elections. Voters like me.

  1. Stop attacking fellow Republicans who have not, or will not endorse you. These attacks make Trump look vengeful and petty. Instead respect their right as free men and women to think for themselves, and form their own opinions. Americans don’t like bullies and to attack your own party members gives the appearance of bullying.
  2. Stop calling everything “wonderful” or “terrific.” National Intelligence and the word wonderful, as an example, should never be in the same sentence, it comes off as an exaggeration.
  3. Stay on message. Don’t go off your teleprompter in the General Election. Your speech writers are really good and constructing a cohesive narrative, that conveys the message you’re trying to deliver to the American people.
  4. Don’t just attack “Crooked Hillary” on her corruption, her lies, and her slush fund foundation. You must also hammer away at her on policy, on her promises to destroy the Bill Of Rights starting with the 2nd Amendment. This is a truly winning argument for you Mr Trump. Attack Hillary on her stance on the American’s Constitutional rights to Religion, Free Speech, and Right to not only keep, but to bare arms.
  5. Continue to let the American’s LGBTQ Community know that the party that truly cares for their rights and lives is the Republican Party. That regardless of whatever differing opinions there may be on morality of how people may live their life, we are all united in our steadfast belief and defense of all American’s right to Life. Attack Hillary on her long standing record of supporting, either directly or tacitly, Islamic Nations, and the Islamic movement currently sweeping across Europe and coming to America. Remind them that the Leftist movement has finished with the LGBTQ, and moved on to supporting an ideology that wants them and the rest of us dead.
  6. Remind all Americans that our rights to choose are two sided. We as American consumers have the right to vote with our wallet and spend our money how and where we want to. The other side being that businesses need to have the same right in return. If a business doesn’t want to sell or service someone, or a group, they cannot be forced into doing so. This doesn’t hurt the consumer who will simply go down the street to the next business who does want them as customers. Government laws should not be interfering with a businesses right to choose whom they enter into voluntary contracts with because the only one with anything to lose in the equation, is the business choosing who to do, or not do, business with.

Mr. Trump has started off the General Election with a great, though long, speech where he highlighted his plans to improve America, attacked Hillary on the core issues and reasons she’s not fit to be President, and spoke on message to the RNC and the American people. The speech was ended with the greeting of Trump’s family on stage, and the VP Candidate Mike Pence, his wife, and daughter as thousands of red, white, and blue balloons and confetti rained down upon the convention. A great start to the campaign that will, in my opinion decide the fate of this nation.
I feel if Mr Trump holds true to the reasons I outlined to vote for him, as he did in his RNC acceptance speech, and incorporates at least some of the pointers to improve his image and message to the American people, he will beat Hillary Clinton this November and become the 45th President of the United States of America.

– The Mid `Merican









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