One American’s Ideas for Border Security, & Immigration Reform

Stopping the Criminals and Islamists from Destroying our Nation and Killing our People.


It seems that daily the American public is told two story lines, depending on where you consume your news. Either you’re told that these Islamic refugees are well vetted, and no threat to America, and that open borders is what America needs most. And from the other side you’re told that the greatest threat facing America today is the unchecked migrations of thousands of Islamists into our nation as refugees, and that securing our border with Mexico is essential to the security of America from unknown enemies entering our country, reducing the drug trafficking, and keeping criminals from having free run to hurt and kill our citizens. Personally I believe in the latter, one of the core tenants of the US Constitution charges the Federal Government with guarding the International borders and protecting the American people from all enemies, foreign and domestic. As being seen on a nearly daily basis now, Islamic migration is the greatest threat facing the Western world today. Including America. While it’s true that Europe has it far worse than America, if the Leftist movement has their way, America will be a mirror image of Europe in just a few years. So what do we do about it?

First, we have to stop the migration of any people from nations known to harbor and support Islamic terrorists like ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, or any group sworn to kill the infidels and infect the world with Sharia Law. As seen in Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, and most recently in Orlando Islamists have no respect for human life, their only concern is promoting Islamic rule and forcing people to convert or die. The supposed background checks that Omar Mateen and his family, along with multiple FBI investigations did nothing to stop him from killing 49 Americans at a LGBT Nightclub. In Minnesota a story was ran by World Net Daily telling of a “Mob” of 30 Sunni Muslims terrorizing an affluent neighborhood threating women that they would be kidnapped and raped. Amazingly local and federal police and law enforcement are doing nothing about it. This story is echoed across Europe where reports of thousands of women being raped are suppressed by the local and national media, and in Sweden women were given “Don’t Rape Me” bracelets, as if the people who ignore “gun free” zones will suddenly put aside their tyrannical religious extremism and instead listen to a phrase on a woman’s wrist.

Next you have to secure the southern border between the US and Mexico. I don’t know if a wall is a tangible solution, but we clearly have the technology to know when people are moving across that border. Don’t believe me, try to walk through the Nevada desert onto “Area 51,” and see how close to the Groom Lake bed you get before you’re met by trucks and men with rifles. Deploy that same technology on the border, and strategically deploy border patrol agents to be able to respond and be on scene in 30mins or less for any border crossings. Securing the border will hopefully slow down the drug and human trafficking into the nation, will remove one avenue of entry into the US by Islamists, and prevent those criminals who are deported from the US from easily reentering our country and killing another innocent woman, like Kate Steinle, from being murdered by a man who was deported 5 times, with a criminal record a mile long.

So with the border sufficiently secure, and the importation of those seeking to destroy our way of life, we can get on to the next order of business. What do we do with the imported Islamists and the Illegal Aliens from Mexico? The two issues are much different in their impact, and their solution as well. I believe that across the board we have to immediately deport all Islamists back to their country of origin. They have proven time and again that they won’t assimilate into American society and instead bring their culture of Sharia Law with them here. Sharia Law is entirely irreconcilable with the US Constitution, and therefore those who believe it should be the supreme law of any land, can’t become Americans.

Now the issue of those from the Mexico and the various Central and South American nations are a different situation. Regardless of how hard-line someone is on immigration and illegal aliens, the simple fact is that you can’t possibly deport the roughly 11 million people who came here illegally. This is not to say that a blanket amnesty is a viable solution either, as that would only create an even larger burden on our welfare system, health care system, other social programs, and of course the already over used legal and prison systems. So I propose that any illegals who came to this country, and have broken no other laws (excluding traffic tickets), and aren’t dependent upon tax payer public assistance (welfare, etc), be allowed to pay fines (amount to be determined), either show fluency in English, or (if under 45 years of age) join an ESL (English as a Second Language) class, and an American History class at their own expense. They must successfully pass both classes, along with extensive background checks clearing them of any criminal, drug or human trafficking history. Then they are given a Visa allowing them to stay in the country while waiting in line to take the oath of citizenship. For those over 45 years of age, it would be an unrealistic expectation for them to learn a second language at that stage or later in life. I would exclude them from the language class, but still require that they take and pass an American History class, and pass the same background checks as above before obtaining a Visa and getting in line to become citizens.

Next you must deal with those who are receiving tax payer social and welfare programs. I would submit them to all the above requirements for Visa and eventual citizenship, with the added caveat that they must seek and find gainful employment that gets them off the government handouts within 12 months. If at 12 months they haven’t made acceptable progress in becoming self-sufficient they are to be deported, where they can go through the immigration process from their home country. That leaves those with criminal offences greater than basic traffic tickets, to include any violent crime, grand theft (or history of petty theft), any felony, and any provable ties to gangs, drug or human trafficking. Anyone falling into this category must serve their time owed the state or nation, and then immediately be deported back to their country of origin.

With all these people being deported it’s obviously very likely that many will try to return to our country. Even the most sophisticated systems to prevent people from unknowingly entering our country, it’s inevitable that some will find a way, or elude Border Patrol. So how do you deal with those who’ve been deported and find their way back? My solution is a “do not pass go” style immediate imprisonment for 10 years without any possibility for parole. Followed by immediate deportation. If they come back again, the sentence is mandatory life, again without any possibility for parole. The only court proceedings will be to unequivocally determine that the man or woman arrested is indeed a deportee reentry. That alone is proof of guilt, and there is no judges’ discretion in sentencing. The minimum and maximum sentence for the offence of reentering the country after deportation are the same. It’s been shown so many times you can’t keep count that when you allow judges to use their own discretion on the bench with regards to illegals they allow their personal political views to affect their sentencing either harsher than what it should be, or too lenient depending on their personal views. While I fully believe Judges should have the right to use discretion when sentencing an American or legal resident, that should not be the case with regards to criminal illegals.

One of the most overlooked parts of immigration, legal or illegal is the recognition of why people choose to come to our nation illegally to begin with. Besides the obvious that they are currently very unlikely to be deported once they are here, they also don’t have an efficient and legal way to immigrate to the US. I am very much in favor of using a system similar to the one outlined above for those already in our nation. Those wishing to come to the US, must take and pass ESL classes, and also American History classes while still in their native country, again at their own expense. They must pass all the necessary background checks, as well as demonstrate that they have something to offer this country and won’t pose any burden on the tax payer welfare and social programs in place to help Americans who have fallen on hard times.

So there you have it. This is how I would deal with the Islamic migration and Illegal Alien issues facing our country today. None of it is heartless, bigoted, racist, or extreme. Though some will call my ideas on punishing those who illegally re-enter our country inhumane or some other horrible adjective. America is an amazing country, with opportunities you can’t find anywhere else in the world. That’s why so many people try to move here, and why so few try to leave. Regardless of what they say every 4 years when it’s election season. Being an American comes with rights and privileges not always found throughout the world. Being American is the most advanced citizenship in the world, you’ve really gotta want it bad. Even if you were born a citizen, this nation will push and test you at every turn and for those who are willing to put in the hard work, and determination the only limit to your American Dream, is how big you dream.


-The Mid `Merican


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