The Death of the Democratic Party

This week released thousands of emails from the DNC, and finally average Americans were able to see inside the Democratic party. The emails contained proof that those running the DNC not only actively worked against Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, including controlling the Main Stream Media coverage, and paying youths on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media to speak out against Bernie’s campaign and supporters. They also showed that they are the racist party in America. Email after email referring to the Latino voting group as a “taco bowl.”


Or another email which detailed the importance of targeting the Latino vote in the US for 2016 and beyond. I suspect now that the word of all this is spreading so fast, the DNC can no longer assume it can count on any voting block just because they fit into a particular category.


They also mocked a black woman’s name openly in their email chains. And in typical unprofessional fashion, referred to her as “boo.” Clearly using talk often assigned to black culture to attempt to smooth over the overt racism in their mockery of a name.

LaQueenia Mocked

Republican candidate Donald Trump quickly responded to the breaking news, taking to Twitter to reach out to his supporters about the media corruption running unchecked in our country.


Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS) announced she would be stepping down as the Head of the DNC. And true to form, Hillary almost immediately announced that DWS would be joining the campaign as a Co-Chair. The DNC announced that  Donna Brazile would be the interim head of the DNC, which only further fueled the outrage of the public, and especially Bernie supporters as emails also surfaced of her biased against Bernie and for Hillary.

DNC Interim Head

I predict as more information comes out, and more people find out about just how deep the DNC corruption and election fraud truly reaches, the Democratic Party will completely implode and a new battle will emerge after the election where a new party will be formed, hopefully not a rebirth of the current DNC, but a new party that encompasses the best ideas from all the parties. Or perhaps this is the time that the Libertarian Party can escape the view that they only care about legalizing weed. Who knows what exactly will rise, and time will tell if the DNC truly crumbles or if it manages to distract and deflect enough that they can stay in power as the second party in America.

-The Mid `Merican








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