Why the DNC is an utter train wreck

Day one of the DNC began with Bernie Sanders attempting to smooth over the anger felt by his supporters towards the DNC and Hillary Clinton who worked together to squash the Bernie Sanders’ campaign bid for the Democratic nominee. He was booed by his own followers as he attempted to urge them to support Hillary. A woman who just weeks ago, he, accurately, called out for being corrupt, on the side of Wall Street, and unfit to be the President of the US. His supporters won’t budge, nor should they. They are right not to set aside their principals to support a lying corrupt candidate, even if their leader has sold them, and their #220million in donations, out. Later the same evening the Clinton delegates had already vacated the DNC, leaving only the Bernie supporters to hear his speech urging them to support Hillary. They weren’t interested in supporting her then either.

Senator Bernie Sanders speaks during the 2016 Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Penn., on Monday, July 25, 2016. (LiPo Ching/Bay Area News Group)

Earlier the same morning Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed and heckled offstage at a Florida Delegation breakfast. Florida, the state she represents in the US House of Representatives. This came shortly after the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) announced that they would not be supporting the reelection bid in Florida for Rep. Schultz (no matter she has a cushy job with Hillary’s campaign already.) Following the breakfast the DNC promptly rescinded any chance for Rep. Schultz to speak at the DNC. True to form, the paid off MSNBC network reported that she was met with cheers. Meanwhile the rest of the world saw her being booed relentlessly.


With the WikiLeaks release of emails from the DNC under, #DNCLeaks, and the immediate outrage by Bernie supporters, and other Democrats who feel their party has been hijacked and their voices betrayed, the DNC had an 8 foot tall fence erected around the DNC, they announced they would be verifying the ID of any who wish to enter the convention, and then built another barrier around the stage inside the convention hall to keep those pesky Bernie supporters at bay. So the party that says “Build bridges not walls” and is against any Voter ID Verification laws, built a wall around their convention and starting verifying IDs to enter. I find it hard not to choke on the irony of the situation.


Then, because the party hasn’t imploded badly enough already, the DNC began going through the crowd taking Bernie signs away from his supporters, and threatening them with revocation of their credentials if they didn’t “behave.”  However, at least one very creative Bernie follower seemed to be reaching out to the world with her, sign upgrades. Finally I can agree with a Democrat on something, we must Stop Her.


While all this was going on in the convention hall, on stage even bigger travesties and insults to the American people were taking place. It was noted numerous times this morning that no US Flags were seen anywhere during day one of the convention. People took to their social media accounts to denounce the DNC’s complete lack of patriotism and national pride. Meanwhile, while a Palestinian flag was on full display.


Many made photo’s like the one below showing the stark contrast between the RNC last week in Cleveland, and the DNC this week in Philly. (RNC on Left, DNC on Right)


Predictably, the DNC, always quick to pander to anyone, even their enemy’s love for the US Flag, was quick to announce that the lack of US Flags was an “oversight” and they were correcting it for day two….  by bringing two US Flags to the stage.


And then to take the DNC bus even faster towards the brick wall that is reality, they showcased a mother and daughter on stage, to support Hillary. Did they support her because of her economic policies? No. Maybe it was for her track record of achievement as a Senator and Sec of State. Again, no. So then maybe it was because this working family supports Hillary’s denouncement of “Crony Capitalism.” Nope, wrong again. They support Hillary because the little girl’s parents are illegal aliens, and she’s an anchor baby. Because they know Hillary will attempt to grant blanket amnesty to all those illegally in our country. Yet another pander to a voter base, a voting base the DNC and Hillary campaign refer to as “Taco Bowl.” The real crime here however is in transporting this illegal alien mother to the DNC, then providing her a hotel room to stay in while in Philly. In doing so, the DNC and Hillary Clinton have broken Federal Law, by violating Section 8 U.S. Code § 1324, twice. The law makes it a felony to conceal or harbor any illegal alien which also includes transportation. ( reported on: federalistpapers.org) Yet just another slap in the face of hard working Americans.

DEM 2016 Convention
11-year-old Karla Ortiz, left, and her mother Francisca Ortiz speak during the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Monday, July 25, 2016. AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

One after another, the Democratic speakers on day one paraded out stories and subjective reasoning why Hillary should be President, not once did any one address ISIS, or Islamic Terror. Not once did any one make the merit based case why Hillary is better for our nation than Trump. Instead their pedestrian speeches, often screaming into the mics over the booing from Bernie supporters, attempted to tow the party line and tell Americans they are “mean” if they don’t support Hillary.

Their videos too, received luke warm responses, at best. And these videos should have been perfectly tailored to Democrats. However, most were met with a nearly silent convention hall. And like the speeches given all night, not one video laid out any case to support Hillary over Trump. Instead the DNC used hacky (at best) humor, and emotional pleas to the masses attempting to portray Trump as evil, therefore anyone who supports Trump must be evil too, so if you don’t want to be evil you have to support Hillary with your vote.

One of the funniest moments of the night came when the, once upon a time funny comedian turned Social Justice Warrior, Sarah Silverman was on stage with  Sen. Al Franken. Sarah, while attempting to stump for Hillary was booed and heckled by the Bernie supporters. As her frustration grew to an unmanageable level, she sneered at the crowd and told the “Bernie or Bust” supporters they were “being Ridiculous.” Which was met with more booing and heckling, and the pair left the stage to a shower of boos from the crowd.

Sarah Silverman - DNC

What I truly enjoyed the most about all this, honestly, I love watching the down fall of identity politics at work. I love watching the various tribes of the Democratic party cannibalize themselves in what has essentially devolved into an all our civil war within the party. I know it’s wrong to take joy in another’s suffering, but I’m man enough to admit to you, and to God, that I’m a flawed man. And I love watching the utter chaos and absolute train wreck crap show that is the DNC.

Can’t wait to see what chaos ensues in DNC day two as a rapist and a confessed child molester take the stage(sadly that’s two different people.)


-The Mid `Merican




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