Yoga Emails are National Security!!

That’s right folks, in the midst of WikiLeaks stating that their next email release regarding Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 deleted emails from her private server, that she had setup instead of using the highly secure and encrypted email system in use throughout the US Federal Government, was “Sure to bring an indictment.” Trump made a brilliant tactical move by saying publicly in a campaign stop that if Russia was listening he hoped they’d find the missing Clinton emails. The Democratic pundits and the Hillary campaign immediately starting screaming foul with outlandish claims that this is a breach of National Security, and an Act of War. Unfortunately this ousts Clinton for her long standing, unwavering lies about the emails that were deleted. She has stated over and over again that the deleted emails were nothing more than personal emails about Yoga and other non government related issues.

So how can they possibly be a matter of National Security? Not to mention that Clinton has also claimed repeatedly that no classified information was ever stored or sent through that server. She is so stuck to the narrative, that even after the FBI publicly stated that Mrs Clinton sent and received classified information through her private email server, she still went before the nation stating that she never “knowingly” sent or received classified information. Operational Security training is something she would have surely been exposed to as First Lady, and then formally trained on as a Senator for her various committee postings, and absolutely retrained on in much more detail as she became Secretary of State.

Furthermore the claims of Russia or any other nation or entity having hacked the server and copied the emails was not an act of war. The fact that unauthorized classified information was stored on a personal email server does not make it protected as US Government Agency property. It merely serves to prove to the nation and the world that Hillary not only lied, she has continued to lie in the face of overwhelming evidence presented by the FBI. In order for this to have been an “Act of War” as the Clinton campaign, Democrats, and Main Stream Media claim, they would have had to hack a Government Information System. This leaves the Left scrambling to distract and spin the obvious into the absurd.

If Hillary and the Left want to claim National Security, they have to publicly admit that Hillary Clinton either deleted emails containing national secrets, or directed others to do so on her behalf. If the emails indeed were benign, and contain no damaging evidence of either improprieties as Secretary of State, how the Clinton Foundation accepts millions from Arab nations like Saudi Arabia, or how the Clintons funnel money through the same Foundation that bears their name in order to receive kickbacks for selling uranium to non-ally nations like Russia. Another possibility would be the Clintons selling out our allies’ secrets to other nations, like helping ISIS regroup in Syria, or helping Palestine with their acts of terror on Israel. How bad would it look for Clinton if it were made public that her foundation, or position as Secretary of State, was somehow involved in the funding and support of Hezbollah which kills thousands of innocent women and children in Israel? This revelation would completely destabilize the  already tenuous relationship that the US has with Israel under President Obama.

So now the world waits to see what emails WikiLeaks has in their possession to release. The future of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and quite possibly the future of our Nation may be in the hands of WikiLeaks and their founder Julian Assange. My hope is they don’t release these until the end of Oct, releasing them now leaves the chance for a new candidate from the Dems, waiting assures that can’t happen, and it will be Hillary’s name on the ballot no matter what.


-The Mid `Merican

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