Why Being Married is Awesome, and Feminism Sucks.

It’s no secret that I’m a happily married man. I’m sure many of you have seen the sickeningly cute, lovey dovey messages my wife and I exchange through Twitter while we are at work, and apart. Well if they make you puke, good! I love my wife, she is my queen, and I make sure that she knows it. And if that means a few of you lose your lunch reading our messages, that makes it even better for me.

We break most of the norms for how many parts society, especially SJWs and Feminists, see a marriage between a man and woman in today’s America. We are devoted, loving, and functional. We believe in, and live, Christian values in our life and especially our marriage. We are the happy and proud parents of four children, 2 girls, and 2 boys. Being a parent is awesome. You basically have a miniature you, a blank canvas waiting for you and the world to paint a picture of a life upon it. I would say one of the best parts of being married is raising children. Conversely, I’d say being a parent is exponentially better when you’re married. My wife and I have both lived life as single parents before, and we can both attest to the fact that raising a child alone, sucks ass. It’s an unwinnable game of musical chairs trying to balance the needs of your child, and your responsibilities to support yourself and your child by working. You miss a lot of school activities, field trips, and class mate’s birthday parties. When you’re married however, you can adjust schedules easier, take turns going to activities, and one parent can drop the kids off at a party, and the other can pick them up. A treasure trove of life’s opportunities open up to you when you’re sharing the load of providing for, and raising children.

Being married you always have someone who’s on your side. Your boss may be a douche bag, your best friend may be busy with their latest love interest, but your spouse is always there to listen, even if somewhat reluctantly. That last part was mostly for me, as my wife will openly and loudly agree, I’m not much for small talk, chit chat, or the like. I’m an intellectual and an introvert. I also don’t suffer idiots well. That being said I’m still happy to listen to my wife babble on about what’s on her mind, even though she’s usually speaking in terms of emotions rather than logic which I can’t relate to, but I still listen, kinda. Along with having someone there, who essentially has to be on your side, they are your biggest cheerleader. When I pitched the idea for this blog, the upcoming Podcast, and my idea of public speaking against the Authoritarians, the SJWs, and all the things I see wrong in our country, she was behind me from the start. Her first words when I finished explaining my ideas for The Mid `Merican were “I think you should do it! I know you have a lot to say and people will relate to you.” At that point it didn’t matter if a million people said it wouldn’t work, I was going to do it. With my wife by my side cheering me on, there’s nothing I can’t or wont accomplish.

Another benefit to being married is a longer life. Harvard Medical School conducted a study which concluded that married men are happier than unmarried or divorce men, and that they are more likely to live a longer life. The same is true for women as reported by the Daily Caller. Married women are twice as likely to report that they are happy in life as their single counterparts. There are some studies that show married men are happier overall than married women. I personally think this may be attributed to men not being nearly as good as women are at listening and sharing feelings. Men are all about thoughts, ideas, and actions. We feel our jobs are to provide, protect, and fix things. While generally women are looked to for emotional support, sympathy, and nurturing. And that’s one of the best things about being married. She’s good at all the things I’m terrible at, and I’m good at all the things she can’t do, like reaching the top shelf. There’s a reason my wife’s Twitter handle starts with “Munchkin”

As a man, one of the best benefits to being married is the sex. Not that being married in and of itself makes sex better, but as Christians you aren’t living in sin against your God. That being said being married does make sex much better, at least for us. The reason you might ask? Because we know each other. We are connected emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When you’re just dating, or worse just, just single “playing the field” there’s only the physical connection. In a loving marriage you are connected on each and every level, and let me tell you when you’re connected with another human being in such detailed and intimate ways the sex is soul shaking, and bed breakingly amazing! Her words, not mine. Even after being together for nearly 3 years, our sex life is still very much like in the “honeymoon phase” even though we’re well past it.

Another huge advantage that I hadn’t thought about before today is one that was unintentionally brought to my attention by a Twitter friend of my wife and I. I won’t use her name as I’m using details about her life and won’t connect them to her directly. She’s a politically like minded woman, to my wife and I, and while I haven’t “met” her husband yet, I am fairly certain he’s a lot like me. As evident in the fact that he goes away from home for two weeks at a time to work on an offshore oil rig. A career like this would be nearly impossible without a strong spouse at home to handle all the daily household needs that would be ignored for far too long with the constant here and gone again of his career. He’s, like me, is quite lucky to have a strong, loyal, and dependable woman like her, one that he knows will handle whatever comes up while he’s gone. And likewise she’s lucky to have a husband who’s love and devotion to her gives him the strength to be away from home half of the month so he can provide for his family.

So where does that leave the typically obese, blue haired, butch cut, ugly, and generally angry at the world, feminists? Right where they truly belong, off in the dark corners of Tumblr and recesses of Twitter to whine and bitch about the Patriarchy, and how they think every man wants to rape them. Even though few men are wingman enough, or drunk enough to ever want to take a feminist to bed. Their life is dull and unhappy, because instead of looking for happiness, they spend all their time and energy focusing on things they see negatively. I’m a firm believer that “where focus is, energy follows” and since they spend their time focused on things they see as bad, it affects their emotional well-being and overall outlook on life, and they are much less happy with life because of it all.  If only these women would pull their head out of their asses for two seconds and put their energy toward actually making their own life better, they’d be much happier. Instead they stand around complaining that someone else is to blame for their crappy life. Your life is the product of the work you’ve put into building it.

So there you have why I believe that being married is better than being single, or worse yet being a feminist. And yes, for some strange reason there can be, and are male feminists out there. By some miracle, one managed to get elected as Prime Minister of Canada. And if you follow Rebel Media or other free thinking and free speaking media outlets that report on Canada you’ll see the insanity that has become Canadian politics and much of life for our Canadian neighbors.

Thanks for reading, I have to wrap this article up, I think I hear my wife calling…. gotta hide…surely she wants me to do something….


-The Mid `Merican

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