My Rights, My Guns! You Want Them, Come Take Them!

Ok, so for starters this is going to sound more like a rant than a composed article, but I’m getting extremely sick and tired of being a law abiding gun owner, and someone being held responsible for the violence in our nation that also involves guns, the main difference is of course that the violence is caused by criminals, radicals, the mentally sick, and more recently those seeking revenge because of the clothes someone is wearing.

I’m a law abiding gun owner, I will not get into how many firearms I own, as that’s no one’s business, especially the government’s. I’m a proud member of the NRA, and I have a Handgun License. I legally carry my firearm either concealed or open pretty much every waking minute of the day. The only exceptions are while I’m in my office at work, or while inside a bank, school, or government building. Again, I don’t carry in those places because it’s illegal, or in my job’s case, against company policy. No law abiding gun owner carries where it is illegal to do so. We know that’s just playing blackjack with our individual right to carry, and I don’t know about you, but I’d rather lose my drivers license than lose my handgun license.

So lets take a minute and poke some holes in the gun debate advocates’ argument. First and foremost, gun control laws do nothing to stop crime, in fact, as proven in places like Chicago, Oakland, Baltimore, and other major cities in states with strict gun control laws, the crime rate is not only much higher than places where gun ownership is prevalent, but they are the most dangerous places to be in the US. It’s not even close. And Chicago, the city with the most strict laws against gun ownership, is the murder capital of the nation. Currently these anti gun nuts, funded by Soros, and Bloomberg are attempting to go after what they and the media love to call “Assault Rifles.” Because they are too stupid to Google what AR in AR-15 means. News flash morons, it means Armalite Rifle. And there is a world of difference in the AR-15 platform and the M-16/M-4 platforms used by the military, which are true assault rifles thanks to their ability to fire fully automatic or in 3 shot burst (as was the case with my M-4 in the Army.) They attack these rifles, not because of some amazing firepower, or inherent magic, but because they look scary. AR’s are generally black, have a “pistol grip,” and depending on how you outfit them, may have a collapsible stock. None of this makes the weapon any more or less dangerous. None of the cosmetic changes make the weapon more capable of firing more bullets faster. They are cosmetic differences pure and simple. Case in point is the Ruger Mini-14, which has the exact same firing capabilities, uses the same bullets, can use 20 or 30 or even larger magazine sizes, and like the AR-15 can only shoot one round per trigger pull. In function and effectiveness the Mini-14 is quite literally the same weapon as the AR-15. The only difference is how it looks. I’m sorry gang, but a gun that looks “meaner” isn’t more deadly, and as long as criminals can get AR-15’s or AK-47’s on the black market and use them to try to hard me and my family, I’m going to own AR-15’s and AK-47’s to protect myself, my family, and my property. If a new platform is introduced that’s better than the AR-15, guess what, I’m going to want that too.
No Permission

Next, nobody, including you or me, needs the Government’s permission to defend ourselves, our family, or our property. The right to self preservation is a God given right, one that Government has no say in. Furthermore unless I’m breaking a Constitutionally reconciled federal law, absolutely nothing I do is any business of the Federal Government. What I do, what I own, where I go, who I associate with, etc, etc are not any business of the Government.
And while I’m on the topic of the Federal Government, it seems that most of the members of Congress need a serious Constitution class. They truly seem to be absolutely clueless on what’s in the Constitution, nor do they seem to have any working knowledge of the Federalist Papers written by the men who wrote and signed our founding document. Do they not understand that the powers of Government are derived from consent of The People? So lets follow this logic. The Government’s power comes from me, I can’t own an M-16, but somehow our military (A part of the Government) can? How does that even remotely make sense? How can we, The People, grant the power to have, or do something, that we The People don’t have ourselves? It doesn’t work that way, I can’t grant you $1,000,000 because I don’t have it. So in order for the Government to own anything, it must be possible for The People to own those same things as well. Now I’m not saying I want a tank or even an M-16, I’ve had one, and it wastes way too much ammo. I’m merely pointing out the absurdness of our current Government, and how far they are from the Constitution. They really think that our rights are subject to the whims of Government control. In a Senate Committee hearing on gun control shortly after the Sandy Hook incident, Sen Dick Durbin (D, IL) actually said of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights “None of these rights are absolute, none of them.” (his statement is about 5 min 15 seconds in)

If that doesn’t scare you, it should. That one statement alone absolutely terrifies me. Because it means that at least a portion of this country thinks that rights aren’t God given, but are instead gifts from Government, and are open to be freely changed and limited at the whims of Congress or the President. That’s a scary freaking thought! That means that at least a part of our nation believes you need the Government’s permission to live privately, to say what you want to say, to practice whatever religious tenets you choose to believe in, to protest something you disagree with, to associate with an organization, and even to protect your own life. The Government does not grant livelihood, God does, or Nature does if you’re an Atheist.  The point here is that our rights DO NOT come from some Governmental body. That my friends is Marxism. What Senator Durbin said comes straight from the playbook of Nazi Germany. Now I’m not AT ALL calling Durbin a Nazi. He’s not one, but he is borrowing their mentality on the role of Government in the lives of The People.And obviously he’s not alone in that though process, or this debate wouldn’t even be talked about.

The obvious reason for leaders to make such anti-American and anti-Constitutional statements is because they simply reject the ideas of self governance, liberty, freedom, and self preservation. They instead believe that only through strict Government control can Utopia be achieved. Unfortunately they believe in a fairy-tale that’s just not possible. One of my favorite quotes is, “When The People fear their Government, there is Tyranny. When the Government fears The People, there is Liberty.” And the sad truth of that statement is that more and more law abiding patriotic Americans are beginning to fear our Government than every before. Recently on Twitter I said that I truly feel if Hillary is elected that may be the catalyst for either a second Civil War, or quite possibly the turning point in America and we go through another Revolution. This idea should not be crazy or nonsense. France has had more than one Revolution in it’s time, and they are a much older nation than the US. Our Government, and by extension our Nation are at risk of being crushed under their own weight. The bigger the Federal Government gets, the further from the Constitutional Republic we become as a nation. How close are we to the tipping point where we as a people have to decide to either let this “great experiment” that is Liberty and Freedom die, or we rise up and take our Country back, returning her to the glory that is what our Constitution was written specifically to ensure. Too many people think our Rights come from the Constitution when in reality the Constitution is merely the recognition of those rights, and the limitations our founding fathers placed on Government to ensure that those rights weren’t trampled on by an over reaching, power hungry Government.
2A - Thomas Jefferson

To that end, I have a serious message and question to pose to any local, state, and federal law enforcement officer. I’m asking this as a combat veteran, a patriot, a citizen, and a man with a deep love of my country. So I ask all of you in law enforcement. If the Government were to take that step, outlaw firearms in our nation, and then attempt to forcibly take The People’s weapons, would you support it, and equally important are you willing to go door to door on behalf of that Government to impose tyranny on the very people you’re sworn to protect, and go against the Constitution we all live by? I ask this for one simple reason, I, and millions like me, would not comply with any law that is in direct conflict not only with my unalienable rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, we also would not peacefully hand over the means by which we are able to defend those rights to any person, agency, or government. So consider this, I’m willing to kill any person who seeks to infringe on my God given rights, are you willing to die trying to take those rights from me?
bad time


-The Mid `Merican

Thomas Jefferson







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