How We Should Change America to Save Her.

America is in trouble. Regardless of which political party you follow, or what news channel you watch, you’ll find it hard to find people who think America is doing great. Morally, financially, politically, and socially this country doesn’t have any sense of identity left. The era of identity politics, virtue signalling, white guilt, and 3W Feminism have turned communities and culture into an all out civil war. Lets also not forget an overbearing and grossly over-sized Federal Government that spends too much, taxes too much, and gets themselves involved in things they were never meant to be a part of. All of these topics have been discussed for a longtime, some of them for years on end. Every few years we get together and for whatever reason reelect the same idiots that perpetuate the exact Government the people don’t want, the Constitution actually doesn’t allow, and the system just continues to grow beyond its already unmanageable size. If we don’t kill each other in an all out social civil war, our country will collapse under the weight of it’s own Federal Government as the never ending march by the power elites towards Socialism gets closer and closer to the finish line. Unfortunately the finish line isn’t the Liberty filled nation of people living their lives how they best see fit that the Founding Fathers envisioned, but the finish line is all out Socialism, and the great idea that started this nation will be lost, perhaps forever.

One notion that seems to have prevailed my entire life is the idea that “once a Government program/tax starts, you can never get rid of it.” this is complete bull crap, and I reject that notion in it’s entirety. When a company is developing a product through their R&D program, they don’t push it through even if it’s proven to fail at meetings the objectives, or it’s discovered that there’s no possible way to produce the product at a profit. They scrap the project, and move on to the next one. This happens all the time in the DoD. In fact I think that’s the only sector of the US Federal Government where a program will be terminated if proven to not meet the needs or constraints of the project. So in order for anything I write below to work, you have to give up the idea that once a Gov program/tax starts it can’t be stopped, as the complete bull crap that it is. Anything can be stopped, at any time.

So here’s the things I would like to see changed in our nation, in no particular order.

  1. Constitutional Amendment limiting the the federal political career of any individual to 14 years total for any and all federally elected office. Furthermore no person may serve more than 2 terms in any office. I chose 14 because it allows a 6yr Senator to run for President, and then reelection for a second term if victorious. A 2 time Senator would not be able to run for President. This would also be used for the Supreme Court. Lifetime appointments would be a thing of the past. They were created in a time where life expectancy was much lower, and turnover in the court was more frequent.
  2. I would immediately abolish the SSI program for all persons age 35 and under, for persons at 36-49, they could opt out of the program, and those 50+ would stay in the SSI system. All those 35 and under, and those 36-49 who opt out are immediately refunded their total contributions into the SSI tax system (called FICA on pay stubs.)
  3. I would also close down the Department of Education, and return all the money and control back to the States, where those rights and powers rightfully reside. What works in my state of Oklahoma may or may not work in Oregon, or New York. Even within states there are areas of different cultures, and their school systems should reflect those values. The 4 “core” subjects (Math, Science, English, History) should be somewhat universal, but not to the point of Federal regulation. We all know that knowing Algebra 2 hasn’t helped most of us in our adult life. I’m an Engineer and I don’t use much Algebra, and when I do, there’s an app for that. What they don’t teach in most schools is how to make and follow a budget, but we all know that Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.
  4. I would institute a flat tax of 10% on all earned income. This would be payroll only. For the other taxes like Luxury and Capital Gains I would cap those at 5%. There would be no “death tax” or “estate tax” as its known. By doing this we would be able to nearly slash the IRS budget, there would be no need for complicated forms, just one very simple form for all individuals, and on April 15th, you file your taxes and get 50% of the tax you paid in for the year back. The Federal Government will retain 50% of all tax collected, along with the interest accrued for the year.
  5. Along with #4 above, it would be necessary to have a Balance Budget Amendment to the US Constitution. This would require that the budget each and every year must be balanced. They cannot run any deficits. If the budget cannot be balanced, the Government (with the exception of the Fed Law Enforcement, Military, and VA benefits/operations) would shut down. The President and both houses of Congress would then work 7 days a week, for free, until a balance budget is agreed to and passed. Only the staffers would receive retro-pay for any time they worked during a shutdown. No member of Congress nor the President will receive any pay for the time they spent in shut down trying to work out a budget.
  6. I would secure the border. I don’t necessarily mean build a giant wall like China, but I’m not wholly against it either. I won’t talk at length on this because I’ve already written an article on my ideas and you can read that here:
  7. I would eliminate the ability for any regulatory agency to pass regulations and rules. They would only be able to publish guidelines on “best practices.” The idea that an unelected body of federal employees can exact such power over citizens and businesses alike is something that I can’t tolerate. Any of the “best practices” that these agencies (FDA, USDA, EPA, HUD, HSUS, etc) wish to be enforced must go through the legislative process and be passed as law by both houses of Congress, signed by the President, and then must stand up to Supreme Court review to ensure that it is reconcilable with the US Constitution. Furthermore any upheld or struck down law must be accompanied by sources cited from the Constitution, and the Federalist Papers demonstrating the soundness of the Court’s decision.
  8. I would also propose an amendment to the Constitution that all proposed laws be limited to a single page (10-12 font Arial/Times Roman) and written in plain English. And that all laws must be published online for no less than 30 days before considered by Congress.
  9. I would strike down any and all federal and state gun control measures. These laws do nothing to limit crime, and in fact make crime rates rise in places where ownership is restricted. The 2nd Amendment immediately becomes your “carry permit” and as outlined in the 2nd Amendment, the rights of The People to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed. Citizens may choose to carry concealed or open. Any person carrying a gun may be stopped at anytime, while in the public space, to ensure they are not a felon, or restricted due to their mental health from owning/carrying a firearm.
  10. This last one I’m sure many won’t agree with for moral reasons, but if you read my article: you’ll see why I feel this a necessary step to righting the financial ship of our nation.
    I would immediately end the federal “war on drugs.” All rights to legalize or criminalize drug use or possession would be left to the states. It is a huge waste of money, manpower, and lives to fight a war that’s been waging longer than I’ve been alive, and the nation has no chance at winning. There is no Constitutional basis for a federal campaign against drug use, and instead is an issue of states rights and individual liberty. This would allow the states to decide what’s right for their people, and the people can choose to live where they feel their values are best reflected.

So there you have it. I have many other ideas that I might touch on or write complete papers about like I did for a couple of the ones mentioned here. These are just my top ten, and the first ones I would push for if ever in a position to do so. Please feel free to leave comments or reach out to me on Twitter with your thoughts, for or against any part or all of what I’ve said here. Think there’s an important issue I didn’t touch on? Tell me about that too! I love to hear from my readers! Till then, God bless!


-The Mid `Merican




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