5 Reasons I Detest Leftists

Now, I have way more than 5 reasons to dislike Leftists as a whole. I don’t actually hate, dislike, or detest the people themselves, it’s their ideas and ideology that I detest, and here’s why:

  1. They are unwilling to even entertain or hear viewpoints that run counter to their echo chambers, preventing any true progress of thought.
  2. Their extreme overuse of the terrible words “racist,” “bigot,” “homophobe,” etc. They have used these words so loudly, so often, and so inaccurately that now these terms mean absolutely nothing. Being called one of these many terms was a fear like no other in the political and social worlds, but today they carry nearly no power or meaning with them.
  3. The put feelings above all else. The need to constantly elevate one’s subjective, emotional based reaction to words or situations prevents any form of critical thought or examination. It closes all debate, and prevents new and better ideas or solutions from rising to the top of issues.
  4. They believe that all morality is relative, that there is no absolute truth. Thereby reducing good and evil to each individuals’ perspective.
  5. They go on and on about how war is murder, meat is murder, this or that is murder, yet fail to see that abortion is the ultimate form of murder. It’s the only murder committed on the most defenseless of us all, an unborn baby.

These people call themselves “Progressives,” but there is nothing at all progressive about these people or the ideology they prescribe to. They are in fact Regressive. From these lunatics on college campuses demanding racially segregated spaces, to a Democratic Senator who once was made famous for sitting in a restaurant that wouldn’t accept black customers to fight for civil rights, and now he sits on the floor of the Senate because the Government won’t take away citizens right to bear arms. They are intellectually vacant and quickly crumble the moment anyone stands up to them and forces logic, facts, and reason in their faces. They are enabled infantile adults, and the ones still in college have a very rude awakening waiting for them when they get into the real world and realize that $85,000 degree in Gender Studies won’t even get them a job in the mail room at an apartment complex.

So if you’re a Gender Studies or other such ludicrous degree program major, let me prepare you for your future career with a couple helpful sentences you’ll need to succeed.

Welcome to Walmart, do you need a cart?

Would you like to Super Size the fries and drink?

Oh and of course my personal favorite job for those hard core Feminist that majored in Lesbian Dance Theory…. Got any change???


-The Mid Merican

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