Twitter is Dead, Long Live Gab

In the ever changing world of the Internet it seems that certain sites will always be here. Facebook, Google, Twitter, eBay, Amazon, and Reddit are Internet staples that for most of America’s youth, have been around their entire life. However the times are changing.

Twitter announced on Oct 26th that they will be laying off 300 employees as their stock price continues to fall, ad revenue plummets, and users are closing their accounts by the thousands. Under Jack Dorsey’s “expert” leadership, Twitter is in a downward spiral that most believe they will not be able to recover from. In addition to the falling revenue and stock price this is further evidenced by the fact that recently Twitter was offered up for sale, and not one company stepped forward with an interest in buying the once social media giant. Add to that report that a couple of days later reports surfaced that even more Twitter layoffs would be coming as the company tries to shed overhead in an attempt to weather the storm that their leader Jack Dorsey forced them to drive straight into with his Regressive Leftist ideology taking priority over the foundation of Twitter’s inception.

The announcements of downsizing at the once great Social Media Company came just weeks after Twitter was offered up for sale. You’d think other businesses would have been lining up to buy the online giant that is Twitter, but in fact, there was no interest in buying the company. After months with Jack at the wheel which produced reduced ad sales, user backlash over the suspending or banning of popular personalities which resulted in users fleeing Twitter en mass, and the PR disasters that followed absolutely nobody wanted to take any part in owning Twitter.

So as Twitter dies where do we go from here?

The answer for many is Gab. ( ) I went to Gab early on, and after a few short days waiting, I was in, and a brave new world opened up to me. Gab is still in beta, still in its infancy, but there is so much potential it will be impossible to ignore in the coming months as Twitter continues to decline, and users leave looking for a new home. Gab is already better than Twitter in several key ways. First and foremost of course is their pledge to honor Freedom of Speech. Obviously one of the highest priority for people on the Internet, users, including myself, want to be able to say whatever we want without fear of being silenced or outright banned because our views don’t fall in line with some unseen moderators. Gab doesn’t do that. You’re free to say anything you want.

Another great feature is the message size. Twitter, as everyone knows, limits message size to 140 characters. Gab has more than doubled that, with a limit of 300 character per message. There are some features that most who are used to Twitter will notice quickly when they first join Gab. Most notably for me is that there is no image post ability. Though currently you can use gif’s from a gif database, which is an interesting feature, and one that I hope stays even after images are supported. Another noticeable feature that’s missing is DM, or Direct Messaging, the ability to message privately with fellow Gab users. I’ve been told by people at Gab that both of these are upcoming feature additions as well as mobile Apps for both iOS and Android devices in the coming months. I was given tentative goals of Dec for iOS and Jan for Android. These of course could change, but I’m looking forward to the app above all other feature additions because I do most of my social media interaction through my phone throughout the day. It seems that until you have an app you’re just not going to grow. Gab is well on their way to making that leap and I predict their user count will rise exponentially after that.

So Twitter is on life support, and the heir apparent is well on its way to being ready to accept the huge influx of users as people leave the oppressive world of Twitter in favor of a place free and open.

So in the tradition of announcing when one leader has fallen and the new takes their place:


Twitter is dead, long live Gab!


-The Mid Merican

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