It’s Time to Vote.

This is it, this is the final night of the 2016 Election Cycle. The final rallies are finished, the last polls have been taken. The talking heads on TV are still spinning and making arguments for their candidate of choice. There is nothing left now but to wait for the polls to close and the votes to be counted.

This is a year no one will want to remember, and we won’t be able to forget it. This year we were witness to the strongman step up and take control of the Republican party. We saw the DNC corrupted from within, the Democrats of this country had their choice taken away from them by a Clinton election machine that will do anything to win.

We’ve lived through a Sec of State that left 4 men to die in Benghazi. We lived through her lying to the families of those dead Americans while standing over their flag draped coffins. We’ve seen her sit in front of Congress and continue to lie, and they disregard those lost Americans when she said “what difference at this point does it make?!?!”

We’ve become witnesses to a Sec of State use her family’s “charity” foundation to sell access to foreign nations and leaders. Those who donated were ushered to the front of the line.

We’ve seen a woman who claims to be a champions for women’s rights, and for LGBT rights take millions in donations from countries that still oppress women through religious indoctrination, and still execute homosexuals. The same woman who blamed the death of 49 LGBT Americans on the gun, and not the Islamist who pulled the trigger.

We’ve seen two FBI investigations into SOS Clinton’s emails while at the State Dept that ended in clear violations of the law, and twice the FBI Director chose not to move forward, effectively killing the FBI’s integrity, and forever tarnishing the name Comey. We’ve seen Wikileaks release thousands of emails all detailing the corruption, proving that the DNC and Clintons will do anything to win. They have been proven to be the true racists yet again with their name calling of minorities.

More recently they have been outed for being participants in the occult. With photos and emails coming out showing their involvement in Spirit Cooking, a bizarre and disgusting practice akin to Satan worship. These same released may have also proven that the Clintons, and her elite circle of friends all take part in child sex crimes, using code words like “pizza” and “sauce” to describe their vile and evil acts of sexual abuse to innocent children. One such email stated “I hate hair on my pizza.” in a direct reference to preferring pre-pubescent children to assault and abuse.

Just yesterday (Sunday Nov 6th) it came out that Hillary was bashing and using racial slurs to trash talk Beyonce, a woman she invited to perform before her rally.

At the time of this writing, information has not come forward showing Hillary’s direct involvement, though a flight manifest allegedly from the infamous flight to an ungoverened island for pedophiles known as the Lolita Express does show Bill Clinton with several of his security and personal staff.

Knowing Hillary’s closeness to all these vile and evil people, I’m not at all surprised that she attacked a 12yr old girl and accused her of wanting to be attacked, getting her rapist off on a technicality and then laughing about the whole  in an interview later.

The only thing the Main Stream Media and the Clinton Campaign have on Mr. Donald Trump is that he said mean things to, or about, people. Lets clear the record, Hillary is an nasty woman, Rosie O’Donnell is a pig of a woman. That former Miss Universe turned porn star and murderer’s getaway driver was fat, and she was grateful for the support of Donald Trump until now when Hillary pays her to be used (like she was used in all those pornos) to he satisfy the wants of disgusting people. Only this time it’s the political wants and not the depraved sexual wants.

Tomorrow we decide, as a nation, we hold court on Hillary Clinton  and she will be tried for her crimes against our nation. Tuesday November the 8th is Hillary Clinton’s judgement day, where the jury that is We The People will decide her fate. We will, as a people, decide if we are to be lead by the rule of law, or if we are to be ruled by a tyrannical woman hell bent on forcing her ideas of how we should all live our lives on us. The choice is ours.

This nation was started by men who wanted to live free. To live under a government who’s sole purpose is to protect and defend our God given rights, our borders, and make the best deals with other nations to benefit The People of the US before anyone else. A nation built on the principals of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I want my country back, I want my freedoms back, I want the American Dream to live past my life, to my children, to my grandchildren, and their children. I want the demented PC culture that puts feelings ahead of logic to fade away and die quietly in the small corners of our great nation after we retake our freedom and our liberty from the would be authoritarians led by Hillary Clinton.

Send a message loud and clear to Hillary, and all of the Democrats who think their ideas are what’s best for everyone in this nation that we choose freedom. Tell them through our votes that we find her guilty of treason against the United States and send her back to her isolated mansion to live out her remaining days in solitude.

It’s time to refresh that Tree of Liberty with the blood of a tyrant’s political career.

Tomorrow America, show the world that Liberty will not perish from this Earth.

Let Freedom Ring!


-The Mid Merican







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