Trump won… Now what?

Here we are, the day after the election, and the now President Elect Donald Trump is resting quietly with his family and closest advisers. Enjoying the victory and beginning to have talks about who will be where in the Administration’s cabinet, but all throughout the White House staff.

So what now?

First, we pay close attention to the cabinet appointments and other leadership appointees of President Trump as we get closer to the inauguration. Trump’s first priority now is to ensure he’s surrounding himself with people who are not only smart, capable and passionate, but also people he trusts.

Next he has to layout the schedule for his first 100 days. I fully expect that he will have new EOs (Executive Orders) ready to be signed immediately which reverses all the EOs signed by Obama, and possibly other former Presidents.

Next I’d expect he would tackle the first SCOTUS nomination, and also reveal his plan for the ObamaCare replacement. Could be a VERY simple 1 page plan, Revoke ObamaCare and open up the entire nation to competition among medical insurance companies across state lines, and leave one clause from ObamaCare. That being the “pre-existing condition” clause, and possibly allowing college aged youth to remain on their parents’ insurance through college.

Next would likely be the reforming of the Tax Code. He has laid out his plan for 3 tiers, as well as eliminating many of the loopholes and unfair penalties that exist like the Death Tax/Death Penalty among others.

I expect early on he would move to decommission the Department of Education sending that money back to the states to use it to best serve the children from the state level. I expect he would severely shrink the EPA, the Energy Dept., and Interior as well as eliminating huge numbers of regulations currently in place within these, and other agencies.

I expect a decent amount of that saved tax money will be reallocated to reform and improve the VA. One thing that would vastly improve the department would be to make it much easier to fire severely under-performing employees for lack of production which would vastly change the culture in a much more positive way.


So there you have the biggest things I think people will see, time will tell how right I am.



-The Mid Merican












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