Zombie Generation

So I have long been making the statement, whenever the conversations lends to it, that, “The more connected we are as a society, the less connected we are as people.” and over the last 15 years this has proven to be nearly 100% accurate.

The most recent proof of the decay of modern society was at a concert I was at a little over a week ago. My wife and I love going to concerts, they are generally the activity chosen for our “date nights” (note to the married men, HAVE DATE NIGHTS!) and we always have a good time. We take some pictures, lately with the band/artist we are there to see, the wife will have a couple drinks, and we enjoy the show while we shake our hips back and forth to the beat of our favorite songs.

So on our most recent date night, again men you have a MIGHTY need to have date nights (trust me here), we went to Cain’s Ballroom ( @CainsBallroom ) here in Tulsa, OK to see The Lacs ( @TheLacsMusic ) and Crucifix ( @CrucifixMusic ). AWESOME show by the way, we absolutely love “hick hop” music and The Lacs are at the top of our list for artists in that genre.

So here’s where the Zombies come in. About 30-40 people, ALL under the age of 25 had their phones out the entire concert, and were either taking pictures or making videos of each song. They were literally standing 100ft from the band they came to see play live, and they were all watching the concert on their phone screen, I’m not kidding…

As any rational thinking person would expect, the wife and I took delight in mocking these morons for wasting away a really good concert that they would have see with all the ability their eyes have to take in information, and they crammed it down into a 5″ screen. Really pathetic if you ask me. If that’s how you dumbass idiots wanted to watch a concert, than save yourself the $40 for the ticket, the gas to and from the venue, and the hour or more you waited in the cold to get into the show and just watch their videos on YouTube.

This isn’t to say at all that you shouldn’t take pictures, or even that you shouldn’t video when your favorite song by that artist is being played, I do that… but guess what simpletons, I don’t watch the show on my phone screen! I get my phone out, start the video recording and then look back to the stage, only checking my phone screen occasionally through the song to see if I’m still in frame or not. Or I’ll look up to same a couple pictures while it’s making the video but then I’m right back to watching the show with my own eyes and not with my phone’s camera lens.

The current generation of youth really has no connection with the real world. I know past generations have said it about the younger generations of their time, including my parent’s generation talking about mine. But when I was a kid we still played outside. TV was for the evenings after dinner, and of course Saturday morning cartoons. The one day of the week us kids wanted to get up early! Got our Turtles and our Transformers on then got on our bikes and disappeared till the street lights came on.

Our kids have this too, not to the extent I did, but if the weather is nice, which is a crap shoot in Oklahoma, 3 months out of the year you can bake cookies on the driveway, and another three months of the year you expect to find a Yeti when shoveling the driveway of snow or ice. But when the weather is good, we kick our kids outside. They have bikes and sports balls and toys and sticks, yes sticks. Take that progress and technology, my kids play in the dirt with sticks, and just like when I was a kid, they LOVE it!

Ok enough ranting, I have to go outside and feed the cows and horses.


-The Mid Merican




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