Inauguration Day

As I write this I’m watching the pomp and circumstance that is the lead up to the Presidential Inauguration. This will be more a stream of my thoughts as things happen, than it will be an article. minutes ago Fmr President Bush walked out and took their place, and I teared up a little. I served in the Army under President Bush, I really admired and loved his leadership and unapologetic love for our nation. I thought back to 2005, when I was deployed to Afghanistan in Operation Enduring Freedom, it was Christmas time, and the mood on Bagram Airbase was good, while we were all wishing we were home for the holidays, we were glad it was the heart of winter in Afghanistan as most of the fighting had stopped since the Taliban had retreated to the caves in the mountains to wait out winter as they did nearly every year. We had been told to head to the “Clamshell” which was a big building they massed soldiers for briefings, incoming or outgoing messages to entire units, and when people came to visit. They didn’t tell any one who was there, which was a little weird, but we figured it was Toby Keith or another USO tour show. When we finally got into the Clamshell, I was instantly amazed to see the podium bearing the Seal of the President of the United States. I knew right then that I would be standing mere feet away from my Commander in Chief, President George Bush. I remembered the emotions that I felt that day, hearing him speak to us, telling us he felt he needed to be with the troops for Christmas. I remembered the huge swelling of pride I felt when I got to shake his hand and thank him for coming to visit us. Snapping back to reality with tears slowly running down my face I realized just how much I had missed President Bush, and how great a President he really was. Obviously not perfect, no man is, but he was and is a great man with a deep and true love for this nation, and I will forever love him. Impressive to see Fmr President Bill and Fmr Madam Secretary Hillary Clinton. I didn’t think they would show, and would instead virtue signal to their extreme left base. I however am glad to see them there giving even more credence to this great day in American history.

But today isn’t about the past, or remembrance of days gone by. However fond they may be. Today is about the 58th Inauguration for President of the United States. Every 4 years since 1789 the incoming, or re-elected President stand at the US Capital Bldg and take the very same Oath of Office that President George Washington took. The man who could have been king, handed over the highest office in a new nation, and it’s been repeated over and over since then. We are now at our 45th President. Hard to wrap one’s own head around the fact that only 45 men have ever known what the office of President feels like. A heavy burdensome office that ages men 30 years in 4 or 8.

Everyone is in place, the 1st and 2nd reading completed along with the invocation. The Choir is singing, and we are just minutes away from this nation’s next chapter. Now that clown Schumer is talking, virtue signalling away mentioning every sect of identity politics instead of just saying “Americans.” It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, and it surely doesn’t matter what your “gender identity” is, because your gender is assigned to you in the womb of your mother, determined by the sperm of your father. Pathetic and sad to see a Senator speak in such a way. Vice President Mike Pence is taking his Oath of Office and you can already feel the sentiment of this nation changing as power is transferred from the Obama to the Trump Administration. We now have our 45th President of these United States of America, may God bless him, watch over him, guide him in times of need, and may he lead with a strong and steady hand, Amen.

Now our job as Trump supporters and more importantly as Americans is to stay vigilant and not trust that our new leader, and Congress will act as they should have for the entirety of our nation’s existence. Always remembering that this nation is led, not ruled, but led by a Government, of the people, by the people, and for the people. That Government derives it’s power from consent of the governed, not the other way around. That our rights are endowed by God, are inalienable, and the Constitution isn’t here to give us our rights, but to limit the power of Government to infringe upon or remove those rights.

It feels so good to hear a President talk about love of country, and putting America first once again. Eight years doesn’t seem like that long, but Patriotism is a tree much like the Tree of Liberty, it needs to be fed with the words and actions of those who love our great nation. Today Patriotism is again strong in our nation.

So there we have it. With a powerful speech about American Exceptionalism the Presidency of the 45th President, Donald J Trump has begun. It’s time to get to work America, it’s time to restore and repair this great nation as the shining city on the hill for the world to see as example, and strive to be.

God Bless America.

-The Mid Merican

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