How the Political lines are changing, and Safe Space culture is to blame

From the very outset of the 2016 election campaign it was fairly obvious to anyone on the outside looking in that over the last 8 years the “Left” had become more and more radical, entrenched in their identity politics so ardently that leftist groups with differing ideas were not only at war with the Right, but also with each other.

Long gone were the intellectually rich, idea filled debates where two opposing views were expressed and the better idea won. Those were replaced by the constant shouting down of differing ideas, the automatic labeling of anyone not towing the leftist line as racist, sexist, homophobe, etc. The protests, trigger warnings, safe spaces, and threats of violence anytime someone with a different idea dared to show up on a college campus. Comedians no longer do college tours, citing the over-sensitivity of today’s young adults.

Gone are the days where when we turned 18 we were expected to be able to handle ourselves in a respectful and decent manner. Or at the very least we were prepared to take the brutal careless way the world tends to deal with us. Even if we didn’t know what to do about it yet, we didn’t crumble and retreat to the safety of childhood activities like coloring books and play dough. We weren’t comforted by kitten and puppy videos. There was no comfort, just our parents telling us “you have to figure it out.” So we did. We made some right choices, and we made a lot more wrong ones. But we learned through all of it that there would be bad times and good times, and we would make it through them as long as we didn’t quit.

The youth of today don’t bear the fault here alone. Much of it comes from their parents and the schools coddling and protecting our children from the harsh realities that is adult life. Teenagers who can’t even do their own laundry or cook a basic meal. Families that never spend time together, everyone, the parents included completely wrapped up in their electronic devices, too engrossed in the latest Facebook post, or mindless video game to realize that their kids are growing up completely unprepared, and kids thinking mommy and daddy will always take care of them. It’s really pathetic that my 9 and 10yr old daughters can do more cooking or baking than the majority of 17yr olds in the cities, or suburbs.

All of this culminated in 2016 with riots across the nation egged on by teachers and mainstream media alike. The media called them protests, but they stopped protesting the second they started destroying property and/or attacking people physically. 2016 saw the emergence of a race based organization that cares nothing about the race their are claiming to represent.

It’s time for the youth of America to grow up and realize they are adults now. You’re not a victim, you’re not oppressed. You’re living in one of the greatest nations in the world and in the greatest time in human history to be alive. These college kids today have it so easy that every Valedictorian speech should start with “I’d like to thank Google and Wikipedia for my degree.”

It’s time for parents all over the nation the realize that they are hurting their kids by shielding them from the reality of adult life. That doesn’t mean treat your 8yr old like an adult, but it does mean that you teach and mentor them in how to deal with adversity, to not hold their hands through the tiny problems of childhood so they can learn how to work through them on their own.

Being an adult is hard work, I tell my kids all the time “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!” Because I firmly believe the awe we looked at the idea of adulthood while we were young was 180 degrees away from the reality of adult life. I’d give anything to be 7 again, waking up early on Saturday to watch Ninja Turtles and Transformers on TV. My biggest responsibility being to remember to feed the dog.

But I can’t go back, and neither can the young adults of today. Your parents and public schools failed to prepare you for this world. But now that you’re here, it’s your problem to deal with, and no one else can help you through it. You just have to tighten up your boot straps, put on your big girl panties, get some wood, build a bridge and get the hell over it. You’re wasting your life away with this shit, and I promise you in 20 years you won’t give a rip about any of it.

So the Liberal Democrats have been pushed out and replaced by the subjective overly sensitive and completely emotionally unstable Leftists. Today Liberals have more in common with the Right. Where we all agree on free speech, even so called “hate speech” being protected, where all individuals have the right to self preservation from other individuals and from government, where the best ideas rise to the top thanks to truly open and honest debate of the issues. Dave Rubin and others have realized that the Democratic party no longer serves their interests. That doesn’t mean they woke up this morning as hardline right wingers, but it does mean that the political parties and lines are shifting. And maybe, just maybe, we have a real chance at finally destroying the stranglehold the two party system has had on our government for far too long.

I’m a Constitutionalist, and I welcome the arrival of the “Classical” Liberals who are fleeing the Democratic party in droves with open arms. And almost the entire Right feels the same, regardless of where on the spectrum we fit. You need look no further than the 2016 RNC for proof of the huge political shift in this nation. When Peter Thiel, an openly gay CEO was greeting with a standing ovation and cheering, to when then Presidential Candidate Donald Trump talked about protecting all Americans, especially gay Americans from the vile persecution of Islamists in our nation was met with roars from the entire RNC. Truly a first in my lifetime and a moment I was extremely excited to see.

I knew in that moment that the tides were turning, America was realigning and hopefully what comes out is a more open, stronger political system where we get back to following ideas instead of people.


Lets all roll up our sleeves and get to work. That means you too snowflake, dry your tears and pick up that shovel, we got shit to do!


-The Mid Merican

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