Letter to Liberals

Liberals, the above picture is the new face of what was once your Democratic Party.


So it has become increasingly obvious to most involved in politics in the US that the “Left” has very little, if anything to do with “Liberalism” these days.

The current version of the “Left” is that of violence, rioting, destruction, and physical attacks on anyone they disagree with. Recently a group known as “Antifa” or “Anti-Fascists” have emerged claiming to be against Fascism, while their only MO is to use fascist tactics to shut down views they disagree with.

Most recently this was seen in Berkeley, yes of course it’s at Berkeley, where these “Antifa” operatives attacked a pro-Trump rally that was being held there. The scene quickly devolved into a violent chaotic mess. I don’t believe violence should rule the day, however when one is attacked, you’re obligated to retaliate and defend yourself. Fight words with words, and when someone brings fists, you bring yours. The right to self defense is not negotiable. Anyone that would try to harm me, my family, or destroy my property will be met with the harshest of force against them.

The biggest enabler of this spiral into anarchy is the Left-wing Media, which has long departed from wanting to get the story right and bring the facts to the American people and have instead become an activist arm for the Democratic Party. They support and glorify anything that is “anti-Trump” without regards for decency, peace, or the rule of law.

Many politicians on the “Left” are no better, offering their support for the nearly always paid for protests to appease their extreme left base while ignoring the rest of the country or the values that make our country great. This is why they lost in 2016, and instead of learning from it and changing their mindset they’ve triple down’ed to the extreme left and will pay a heavy price in 2018, especially in the Senate where 10 seats currently held by Democrats are up for grabs in states that President Trump won handily.

I’d rip into the celebrities, who sit in their gated communities with scores of arms security around them trying to dictate to the rest of the country how we should best live our lives, but no one really listens to them or cares what they have to say. They can virtue signal themselves into oblivion for all I care.

Many who identify as Liberal, or Classical Liberal (the precursor to the Libertarian party) have left the Democratic party in droves, some becoming Republicans, others Independent. Harlan Hill @Harlan Dave Rubin @RubinReport are two of the most prominent voices who were once Democrats.

They, and millions of others, feel that they didn’t leave the Left or the Democratic Party, but the Left and the Party left them. Dave Rubin has said it many times that the once Progressives who were fighting for equality for all, free speech, and liberty have been completely co-opted and are now, as he calls them, Regressives. Instead of fighting for free speech, they riot to stop speakers from talking that they disagree with. Instead of fighting for equality many openly call for the genocide of white people, especially white men.

They have devolved into the worst kind of identity politics. They will begin to cannibalize themselves as the different factions go to war for who’s issues are most important. We’ve already seen this begin too. Before the election in the US, there was a Gay Pride march in Toronto which was halted by Black Lives Matter. The BLM activists refused to allow the march to continue until the Gay Pride leaders agreed to the BLM demands.

In a great bit of irony, there really isn’t a need at all for BLM in Canada, and most of those whom associate with BLM are young white people with an undeserved feeling of guilt for an era of history in which they played no part. Here in the US most BLM groups won’t allow white people to march with them, and those that do allow it, demand the white people be at the back of the march.

More recently, the weekend of President Trump’s Inauguration, there was a “Womens March” (side note: the purpose was to march for women’s rights, but the march was organized by an outspoken Muslim woman who actively supports Sharia Law.) but the march organizers refused to allow Pro-Life women from marching with them. Apparently it’s not a woman’s right if you’re wanting to save a babies life.

In a time when the nation should be grouping together as Americans first, the new Left seems not only perfectly ok with, but actively working towards, the complete separation of We The People into small insignificant groups which only promotes chaos, and eventual civil war within the nation.

It would be a civil war that the new Left seems all to happy to encourage, but they really have no idea the kind of fight they are inviting. Many I speak with and am friends with on the “Right” are beginning to lose their patience as law enforcement is either unwilling or unable to put a stop to these violent thugs committing domestic terrorism. So far all the violence has been in heavily Democratic controlled cities. But I, and others I talk to, fear the appeasement from the leadership in these cities will only serve to embolden these thugs and “Antifa” groups to branch out expecting the same “welcome mat” and when they are faced with what the rest of the nation is like, the real war will begin. Except when that happens “Antifa” BLM and other groups like them will be bringing fists and poles to a gun fight. Over 100 million gun owners, and low estimates on ammo count exceed 1 trillion. The Regressive Left will get the war they seem to so desperately want, but it won’t end anything like they are expecting.

If the Left doesn’t destroy themselves with infighting, they just may get the war they say they want. And those on the Right won’t back down. We run to the fire, and we will bring our guns with us.


So I’m writing this to the true Liberals, those who are decent hard working Americans who love our country, but think there’s a different way to make the country better than the Right does, the true Liberals who want freedom of speech, who understand that “freedom of religion” doesn’t mean “freedom from religion” those Liberals who understand Islam is a real threat to not only our nation, but to the whole of western civilization. Get away from the new Left and the Democratic party as fast as you can. Don’t be victims to their authoritarian politics, don’t be pawns in their identity based victim-hood mentality that assigns value in being a victim. Ignore those who try to tell you that you’re somehow privileged because of your skin color, and that you owe those of other races anything for a time in history you weren’t even alive for. Don’t go down with the ship. When a group or class becomes entrenched in identity politics and infighting, they aren’t far from their own demise. Get out while you can!

I’m not asking you to become Republicans. I’m not a Republican by political ideology. I’m registered as one because Constitutionalist isn’t a party in my home state. I’m asking you to reject the ideology that has completely infected and overtaken your political party. It is no longer the right between Democrats and Republicans, that’s old world thinking. The new fight is between people who want the government to control your life, and people who want to be left alone to live their life how they best see fit. Liberty versus Slavery.

There is little to no chance at saving the Democratic party from itself. The only real course is for a new political party to emerge. One founded in Constitutional principals. One that allows the States to decide for themselves anything not specifically enumerated to be under the Federal Government’s control. Thankfully the Constitutional powers of the Federal Government is a very short list. The intent of this, and the 10th Amendment was to give the States the power to govern themselves how they best saw fit. The states where the citizens embrace socialistic ideas would elect officials and pass laws to that end. The states where the citizens favored Liberty and Individualism would  elect officials and pass laws reflecting those beliefs. Citizens throughout the nation would then be able to choose which state or states were best suited for their values and their political and ideological beliefs. This was the intent of the US Constitution in the first place.

A government that can give you everything you want, has the power to take away everything you need.


Photo Credit: Breitbart.com (http://www.breitbart.com/milo/2017/02/07/uc-berkeley-student-newspaper-defends-violence-riots-milo-event/ )



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