What Really Happened

With the release of a self serving book detailing “What Happened” according to Hillary Clinton. Along with that comes the book tour, where her still hypnotized supporters flock to slap down their hard earned money for her book, to hear her talk about her book, maybe sign her book, oh and of course blame everyone and everything in the world for her election loss except that she leaves out the most important reason why she lost. Hillary Clinton lost because, she’s Hillary Clinton.

Where to begin? Ok I’ll list why Hillary Clinton is to blame to her own loss in order of importance for me.

  1. She lied to the families of those who were killed in Benghazi while standing over the coffins of the fallen. This of course was after she was unreachable while the 13hr long attack was taking place that took the lives of 4 Americans. Those men could have been saved if she had just done her damn job.
  2. She ran a private email server where top secret information was kept in an unsecured location. I work in Network Engineering, and have my Bachelors in Information Security and her setup broke every rule for an iFunny server, let alone what’s required for the handling of classified material.
  3. She had the above mentioned server wiped with a software known as “Bleachbit” to prevent data retrieval. For me this blows the bullshit idea of Comey’s “there was no intent” clause that he made up to try and cover for her crimes.
  4. She had her personal electronic devices destroyed in order to prevent them from being used to gain information through information forensics.
  5. She used her one time world renowned charitable organization that bares her name, as a way to receive vast sums of money from foreign governments and entities in exchange for access and favors from the US State Dept while she was Sec of State. Including the approval for the sale and transfer of 20% of the United States’ Uranium to Russia. (yes Russia, she had dealings with Russia, then claimed it was Trump who worked with Russia to win the election. – Rules for Radicals 101)
  6. She is extremely unlikable. My skin crawls when I hear the Leftist Globalist bullshit that spews from her mouth. And the only solace I take in her book tour, is that the Democrat Party is in complete shambles and the more they want her to go away, the more I want her to keep on showing up and talking.
  7. She didn’t visit key states. Hell she barely even campaigned! Taking several days off from the trail week after week. Even when she did campaign, no one showed up. Thanks to some clever camera angles the Media was able to at least somewhat hide the fact that her crowds were tiny compared to the full stadiums and arenas that were seen night after night for, then, Mr Trump.

So there’s my outline of “What Really Happened.” Maybe I’ll make an ebook about it and cash in while I have the chance… That would be cool. But I’m too lazy to sit and write an entire book…. so who knows…


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