How The Left is Using the NFL to Destroy America

The NFL and its players are being used. They are being used by the Leftist movement to destroy America. Maybe a few players are aware of this, but I believe most have been convinced by their rich circles full of Leftists that by taking a knee they are going to being awareness and help combat police brutality. Maybe in those same circles they are hearing about how they are making a difference, but out here in the real world where the rest of us in America live, all we hear about is how the players are disrespecting our flag, our soldiers, our veterans (of which I am one), and those who died so we could be free to play a game on Sunday. The media tries to tell us they are protesting police brutality, and social injustice, but no one’s talking about how to solve either. If they were trying to raise awareness, and start a conversation, they failed miserably.

I’m a Veteran, I took an oath and served my country to defend the Constitution, to fight the oppression of others who can’t fight for themselves. I don’t believe for one second that the real goal is to raise awareness or protest anything. I believe in my heart of hearts that the Left is actively trying to take “America’s Game,” and cause so much outrage over players kneeling for the Anthem and Flag, that sports stop starting games with the National Anthem. This would bring the Left one step closer to destroying what America stands for, and what makes this such an amazing country.

ESPN’s Max Kellerman stated something close to “The problem isn’t the players kneeling for the National Anthem, the problem is them playing the National Anthem before games.” In that moment it was obvious to me what the real agenda is with these protests. It became painfully obvious that these players kneeling had nothing to do with a protest, and everything to do with destroying the patriotic fabric that brings us all together.

When, outside of a sporting event, holiday, or national tragedy do we as Americans come together and really unite as a nation? When do we stand side by side with our fellow Americans, and act as one? The National Anthem, that’s when. For 3-4 minutes Americans of all ages, colors, religions, financial stature, or lifestyle stand as one, united by the one thing that binds us all. We are free because of the men and women who selflessly serve this country, some paying with their life. I firmly believe the only American who could ever disrespect the Flag is an American that has never felt the pain of being handed a folded flag.

I have not only served my country, but I come from a long line of Americans who stepped up to defend this nation, before we even became a nation one of my ancestors fought for the colony of Pennsylvania in the Revolutionary War. Someone from my family has fought in almost every military conflict this nation has faced. On my 30th birthday I felt the pain of being handed a folded flag when my Grandfather, a WWII and Korean War veteran was laid to rest.

I’m not saying Football players, or anyone for that matter, don’t have a 1st Amendment right to free speech, they absolutely do. I fought for them to have that right, and over a million Americans still serve to defend that right. I’m saying that if they really wanted to bring attention to a cause, or start a conversation with the hope of effecting change in our country, they picked the wrong place to express it. The Main Stream Media will continue their ceaseless chant that this is about protesting police brutality, but you won’t hear a single one of them talk about what needs to change, or how communities can come together and work with our law enforcement to change the perceptions on both sides of the issue. Not a chance, because that’s not the goal here. The goal is the slow and deliberate destruction of what makes America, America.

Mark my words, in the coming weeks, you will begin to hear more people, all of them on the Left, begin to quietly, then openly question why we play the National Anthem before games. Next will come calls to stop playing the Anthem so people aren’t upset with the sports leagues, that in order to be “inclusive” and make everyone feel welcome, they should just stop playing the Anthem to prevent anger and division.

The real losers here are the fans, who just want to gather together or sit on their couch and enjoy a game for a few hours. To just forget about all the political upheaval, the bad news, North Korea, Iran, ISIS, any whatever horrible weather is attacking this week. We just want to watch a game, and not have our country slapped right in front of our faces. The players lose too, those who stand are pit against those who kneel. They are supposed to be teams, they don’t really look like teams right now. They lose because they are being used for an agenda they really have no knowledge of.  I fear that by the time they realize it, if they realize it, it will be too late to save the Anthem, or the NFL.

I won’t watch another game until the NFL fixes what’s broken on the field. I love my team, and hope they have a great season, but I won’t be watching.

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