The Left isn’t anti-gun, they are anti-freedom

The Left isn’t anti-gun, that’s a misstatement. How do you think they would get guns away from civilians? By sending guys with guns to take them. They aren’t anti-gun at all. They are pro-dependence on government. They know if they can find some way to get the 2nd Amendment Banned (something that would take a civil war version 2) they can completely control the country and her people. Without the ability to stand up to government tyranny (the REAL reason for the 2nd Amendment) citizens who descent from their dictatorial rules can be arrested and either jailed or outright executed as traitors. Sounds a lot like the British Empire we fought and won a war against to escape doesn’t it?

The Left doesn’t actually care about guns, they care about power and control. When you have your weapons the government can’t tell you what to do. They are extremely limited from outright command and control of the population because they know there are more gun owners in this country than there are police officers/military members who would be willing to do the dirty work of trying to take them away.

The idea that 120+ million Americans with well over 300 million firearms are going to give them up is about as realistic as the pathetic Leftist idea that Muslims just need love, and jobs to end terrorism.  Neither of which are true or logical.

The idea that less guns means less violence is a long debunked notion that borders are ludicrous. Study after study has proven that the places with highest crime rate, and most gun related homicides are those places with the more strict gun laws. Chicago, DC, California all have very strict (Unconstitutional) restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms, and they also have the highest crime rates and homicide rates. Places like Oklahoma, Alaska, Montana and many others that have very open and pro-gun state laws and policies have much lower rates of crime and homicides.

The Left wants to take the horrible idea of “gun free zones” and spread it all across our nation. They have already managed to do so in their Democrat controlled towns, cities, and states. Wherever you have an area that is full of unarmed civilians, you have a place where crime will be high. Why? Well obviously, the “bad guys” want weak or soft targets. Would you break into a house if you thought there was a loaded gun held by a ready and willing homeowner? No, of course not, you go where you can be relatively sure you’re meet little to no resistance to carry out your horrible acts.

I really wish that the Left would care enough about people, like they say they do, to come to the table and address the mental illness that plagues society. Nearly every mass shooting event is carried out by a person with some serious mental problems. Instead they want to point fingers, blame inanimate objects, or organizations that exist to protect the civil rights of law abiding US citizens. When asked 6 Oct 17 about a ban on “bump stocks” creating a slippery slope, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D- CA) said “I certainly hope so!” If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about the Lefts unending desire to obtain power over the American people, nothing will.

So to all the Leftists who think guns are bad and no one needs a gun: Lets see you stand on your principles, and try to walk into our homes and take our guns from us, without bringing any of your own.


Come and take them Leftists, we DARE you!

I’m a free man, I was born free, and I will die free. Thomas Jefferson said it best “Free men will never be barred the use of arms.” and “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it won’t be needed until they try to take it.”


-The Mid Merican

One thought on “The Left isn’t anti-gun, they are anti-freedom

  1. Um, I know that some people feel they need guns to protect themselves from “the government” or some “tyrannical dictator” eroding away our rights, however you’re too late for that. The government has already eroded away our rights and didn’t need to bust down your door to do that. We live in a surveillance state, thanks to the Patriot Act and then the extension of that (Bush Admin). Habeous Corpus has been suspended under Obama, now all they have to do is say you’re a “terrorist” and poof! And this week alone the Trump administration reversed birth control for women, transgender discrimination, and the FBI’s target on “Black-identity extremists”, thats all being done while the media focuses on some trivial matters like whether Tillerson called Trump a moron (he did) or people actively voting/supporting these matters, without fully understanding it. So, no the government ALREADY took our rights, letting you bear arms is just a way so we can turn on each other instead of being a united force on those who oppress us.


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