Zombie Generation

So I have long been making the statement, whenever the conversations lends to it, that, “The more connected we are as a society, the less connected we are as people.” and over the last 15 years this has proven to be nearly 100% accurate. The most recent proof of the decay of modern society was […]

Trump won… Now what?

Here we are, the day after the election, and the now President Elect Donald Trump is resting quietly with his family and closest advisers. Enjoying the victory and beginning to have talks about who will be where in the Administration’s cabinet, but all throughout the White House staff. So what now? First, we pay close […]

No Justice, No Peace!

The time has come to turn the Regressive Left’s tactics of shutting down debate and controlling the narrative against them. Every time there is some incident where the Leftists feel that social justice, controlled by feelings instead of logic, should rule the day and circumvent law and order, they protest or riot chanting the phrase […]